September 14, 2010

2010 Election Coverage

At around 11:10 PM, sources called the the Republican nomination for New York State governor for Carl Paladino, beating out Rick Lazio '80. Paladino had 65% of the vote, Lazio 35%, with 56% of polls reporting.

At around 1:30 AM, The New York Times declared Eric Schneiderman the Democratic nominee for Attorney General, defeating, among others, Eric Dinallo '85. There will be no Vassar alumni holding top New York State positions any time soon.

Continue to check back here for coverage of the New York State primaries, which has two Vassar alumni running.

9:00 PM Polls have closed and the first results are coming in.

9:30 PM Sarita Gregory, Assistant Director of Poli Sci and administrator of Voting@Vassar tells Mads:

"My POLI 170 class spent the entire day at Arthur S. May as poll watchers and reported no issues for Vassar students today at the polls, which was great news.  The major issue with today's election seemed to be with opening the new machines and poll worker training.  Delay in machine setup caused Arthur S. May's polling site to open an hour late.  There are reports of other poll sites experiencing some issues with voters who were uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the new voting process."

Check out the post below to read more about problems at today's polls.

10:30 PM With 24% of polls reporting, Paladino holds a lead over Lazio of 38%. In the race for Attorney General, Dinallo has the least amount of votes.

11:00 PM With 43% of polls reporting, Lazio and Dinallo continue to trail behind. Dinallo remains at 7% of the vote (Kathleen Rice leads with 32%). The gap between Lazio and Paladino has closed slightly to 34%.

11:10 PM With 56% of polls reporting, sources are calling the Republican nomination for Paladino over Lazio.

11:18 PM It's official. New York Times "news alert" states:

"Carl P. Paladino, a wealthy Buffalo businessman and political neophyte, beat former Representative Rick A. Lazio in New York's Republican gubernatorial primary on Tuesday night.

The victory for Mr. Paladino, whose agitating campaign strategy and attacks against Albany earned him a late surge in the polls, was a stunning win for the Tea Party movement, which backed the businessman against Mr. Lazio, a dyed-in-the-wool Republican mainstay."

11:30 PM Lazio gives his concession speech, thanking his supporters and saying, "We wish we had a different outcome, but we are proud of the quality of the campaign."

In other New York races, incumbent Kristen Gillibrand has secured the Democrat nomination for Senator, along with incumbent Charles Schumer, who ran uncontested. Andrew Cuomo - whose father gave Vassar's 1985 Commencement Speech - ran uncontested for Governor on the Democrat ticket.

1:00 AM Despite 89% of polls reporting, the Democratic nomination for Attorney General has yet to be called. Eric Schneiderman took a 3% lead over Kathleen Rice. Dinallo remains in last place with only 8% of the vote.

1:40 AM The New York Times calls the Attorney General race for Schneiderman. 94% of polls reporting. Dinallo '85 secures the least amount of votes.