September 28, 2010

2014 Election Results!

At the "results party" in the Retreat at 9:00 last night, the VSA announced the winners of the 2014 elections. Here are the results:

President - Michael Moore
Vice President - Anna Carias
Secretary - Lily Choi
Treasurer - Mariah Vitali

Moore is from Pennsylvania and currently lives in Noyes. In his candidate statement, he said, "Vassar students ardently seek new answers, new puzzles. This is the kind of brilliance that I want more than anything to represent."

Click here to see the full results.

Edit: We previously reported that 356 students voted (53.4% of the freshman class), but that was only the number who voted for president. 443 students participated in total, 66.5% of the class.


Anonymous said...

Correction: While the Presidential election saw a 53.4% turnout, I'm proud to say that the election in which I ran garnered the highest turnout of all campus-wide races. 63.1% of the Class voted for Representative to the Joint Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid.

ET said...

i hear the class president has made one or two documentaries in his time

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