September 26, 2010

2014 Elections Are Underway

Voting for the 2014 elections ends today at 5pm. There are eight candidates for class president. The other positions are other class officers, dorm representatives, judicial board representatives, and committee members.

Freshmen, in case you're still trying to decide who to vote for, here are some quotes from the candidate statements. (If a candidate is not quoted it is because he or she did not submit a statement.)

Evan Lester: "There is no reason that just one person should lead this class to greatness, if elected I would ensure that every person in the class of 2014 has the ability to make us shine even brighter."

Michael Moore: "Vassar students ardently seek new answers, new puzzles. This is the kind of brilliance that I want more than anything to represent."

Vivian Duygu Parlak: "I’m very motivated and willing to be your guide in our explorations of the ins and outs of the college, bringing the Mediterranean breeze and warmth to the student life."

Angelica Periera: "Vassar has done a great job with activities thus far, but not all of them were enjoyable for a large number of people and I think we can do better."

Emilia Petrarca: "There is no way of listing my Student Government experience without sounding like a total nerdface, (or tyrant), but I think that it is important for you as a voter to understand both my intense commitment and excitement when it comes to being a leader."

Thomas Rafferty: "I try to live days to the fullest, leaving dreaming to younger years that past, and reflection on years to come."

Willow Thompson: "I spent my senior year of high school as a full-time student at Oberlin College in Ohio. During my time at Oberlin, I served as the president of the class of 2013."

The results will be announced tomorrow night in the Retreat.