September 12, 2010

24-Hour Library Space Opens Tonight

Tonight is the start of the new 24-hour room in the library. Here are some details, according to Director of Libraries Sabrina Pape in an all-campus email sent out yesterday:

"Located at the north end of the Library (close to Chicago Hall), the area opens as the after hours study space at midnight Sunday-Thursday, after the Main Library closes. Between the hours of 12 AM and 8 AM, this space will be physically isolated from the rest of the Library and there will not be access to library materials. If you are in the Library when we close and would like to continue working, you can move into the space at that time. If you come later, entry will be through the north door of the Library (facing Chicago Hall). You will need to exit through that door as well and you will need to swipe your Vassar ID to enter and to exit."

Planning for a 24-hour study space began after administration's decision to cut library hours last September. (That decision has since been overturned.) When we spoke to Dean Kitzinger at the time, she told us, "In the long term, we would like to set up a room in the library, which might be ready for the 2010-2011 school year." Her concerns were that "such a room in the library would cost money we don't have to set up because there is no one room that can be isolated."

As we posted a few weeks ago, under the new policy any student working past midnight must move into the 24-hour space. Will it be big enough?


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