September 18, 2010

Some Take Offense To "Indecent Exposure"

[via Flickr]
We're not sure what exactly went down at last night's Indecent Exposure Stand-Up show, but whatever happened has prompted the group to send a Facebook message to event participants apologizing for the program's content.

"We feel that some issues were raised last night by a few members' stand-up, particularly dealing with race and sexuality, that we as a group were uncomfortable with, and that the Vassar community may also have found to be inappropriate," writes a member of the group in the message. "We acknowledge that this was our fault and that we should have been more vigilant with screening our newer members' sets, and we are sincerely sorry."

Indecent Exposure is Vassar's only all-female comedy group. The event was so crowded that some people were turned away at the door.

Update: Mads spoke with a co-director for the group, Lilly Richard '12, who explained that it was actually the members of Indecent Exposure who took offense to the material, not the audience. "No one has approached us about the content, but there were a couple of jokes that made me and a few other group members uncomfortable, so we wanted to be proactive and apologize to any audience members who might also have been uncomfortable with them," says Lilly. "Offensive material is frequently performed on campus without comment, but because this was at our show, we wanted to call it out ourselves and make it clear that part of our group's mission is to perform comedy without relying on oppressive tropes.  I'm sure that our future shows will better illustrate these values."

Update #2: Writes Sam Leonard '11, the group's other co-director: "Indecent Exposure is all about making good comedy that does not rely on the "easy joke", which so often relies on the offensive, the sexist, and the racist. As a group (and individuals), we take this seriously, and for that reason we decided to be proactive, acknowledge what happened, and take responsibility for not better preparing for the performance."


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