September 30, 2010

Buy Tickets For ASA's "Market"

Tickets are on sale today for the Night Market, an event tomorrow hosted by the ASA and other organizations. Here is a message from ASA:

“On Friday, October 1st, ASA will be hosting “Night Market” in collaboration with many other organizations in celebration of the East Asian Mid-Autumn Festival. It will be set up in a traditional 'night market' style from 6-9pm, with tables set up outside the College Center (College Center Circle) where you can buy cheap food (under $3), drinks, merchandise, and play games. You must first buy tickets as currency for that night, and will be available in the College Center on September 27, 29, and 30 (1 ticket = $1). Some examples of food that the Night Market will have include: bubble tea, mango lassi, crepes, soba noodles, mocktails, and much, much more. So buy some tickets and stop by on October 1st for an awesome time!”

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