September 27, 2010

Cappy Responds To NYT Op-Ed

At this year's convocation, Cappy spoke in response to a September 5th op-ed piece in The New York Times called "The End of Tenure." She said that she had sent the Times a letter, which was finally published last Friday alongside the responses of three professors from various schools.

Cappy, who is largely responsible for Vassar's need-blind aid policy, writes that Shea's piece "misses the noteworthy shift over the past several decades on the part of the wealthier institutions to allocate their coveted spots by academic talent and not by family income, spending significant amounts on financial aid."

She continues: "Just when first-generation college students and children of low-income families can make it to the Ivies and the elite liberal arts colleges... we start questioning the allocation of resources at these schools? The solution to the haves and have-nots in American higher education is not to make every college and university a have-not, but to increase our society’s commitment to higher education and reverse the gutting of our public universities."