September 18, 2010

Dinallo '85 Speaks About Election Defeat

We've been anxiously checking Eric Dinallo '85's official website for a statement about his defeat in Tuesday's election, and now after four days, he is finally speaking.

"While the outcome of the election was disappointing, the opportunity to run for Attorney General, and to meet with you and thousands of New Yorkers from across the state was tremendously gratifying," Dinallo writes in a message that automatically pops up. "I am also proud of the incredible work we achieved – especially as a first a time candidate. We surpassed expectations at every turn, raising nearly $3 million," he continues.

"I will continue to work to improve New York, and I sincerely hope you will remain involved with this democratic process: hold your candidates and elected leaders accountable, share your ideas, lend them your support, and most importantly, vote," the alumnus concludes.

Dinallo received only 8% of the vote. Eric Schneiderman, who secured the Democratic nomination for Attorney General of New York, received 34%.

Rick Lazio '80, who lost the Republican nomination for Governor of New York has yet to release a statement on his website.


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