September 15, 2010

Dinallo Also Fails To Secure Nomination

An unfortunate night for Vassar's alumni politicians. In addition to Rick Lazio '80 losing the Republican nomination for New York State Governor, Eric Dinallo '85 failed to secure the Democratic nomination for Attorney General. With 94% of polls reporting at around 1:30 AM, sources began declaring Eric Schneiderman victorious. Disappointingly, Dinallo secured the least amount of votes of the five candidates, with only 8% of the vote (compared to Schneiderman's 34% and Kathleen Rice's 32%).

Dinallo announced his candidacy August 2009. While he received less "Vassar press" for his effort, the alumnus ran a campaign committed to cleaning up the scandal-ridden Albany and closing the enormous state defecit. Dinallo was also vocal about gay rights, among other issues.

In her statement conceding to Schneiderman, Kathleen Rice stated, "There were always more similarities than differences between the five Democrats who vied heartily for this office, and now is the time for party unity to ensure that the principle we all hold dear – that government is a force for good in people’s lives – continues to thrive in the people’s lawyer."

Little is known about Dinallo's time at Vassar, other than that he was a philosophy major and also tried pot with his girlfriend.

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Image via Dinallo on Flickr.