September 26, 2010

Feminist Org Uses Quidditch Cup To Promote Equality

According to Midd Blog, the Feminist Majority Foundation is using November's Quidditch World Cup - which Vassar is attending - to promote a new clause in the Quidditch rule book that will state that each team must have at least two female players. 

The foundation says Quidditch is unique because teams are co-ed. "We believe that if men and women learn to compete equally, then they will learn to respect and value each other's abilities regardless of gender," the Foundation states. The new clause will called Title 9 and 3/4, after the real Title IX and the Platform 9 and 3/4 from the Harry Potter series. "With Title 9 3/4, the IQA will use the growing popularity of real-life Quidditch to challenge the way our world thinks about gender in sports and athletics."


Anonymous said...

this is not a "new rule" - it has been a critical part of the rulebook for as long as i can remember. it is in 3.2 (the current rules) right now.

an interesting point of debate behind this rule was the discussion of all-female schools: should there be a similar, "you must have at least two males" clause as well? if not, is it truly promoting _equality_?

Westly said...

You are correct, each team is required to have at minimum three girls on the field at all times. This has been an integral part of the rules expounded by Middlebury College and the IQA since very near the beginning.

However, there are special exceptions made for all-women's AND all-men's schools simply because they are fundamentally limited by the organization they are part of.

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