September 7, 2010

Hide Your iPods, Hide Your Xbox, and Hide Your Laptop, 'Cause They Robbin' Everyone Out There

As we tweeted shortly after the first incident occurred, a series of robberies have recently taken place in the THs. One student had her laptop taken after a thief slit her first-floor window screen. Other students, who had left their door unlocked, had their Xbox, camera, and other valuables stolen.

The incidents took place on September 4th around 1:30am and September 6th between 3 and 4am. A third incident occurred this morning when iPods were stolen through an unlocked door. At least two of the incidents happened in the new THs.

Police cars have been spotted cruising through the THs over the last few days, and now that administrators have returned from their Labor Day vacations, campus is atwitter with the news. "The Town Police and Vassar College Safety and Security are actively investigating the case and have added patrols to the area," wrote Kim Squillace, Associate Director of Security, in an all-campus email sent out by both Luis Inoa and D.B. Brown.

Sam Seymour '11, president of the Town Houses, also sent out an email to residents. "While it doesn't sound like there is any particular threat to anyone's safety," he wrote, "I'm trying to get in touch with the college to figure out if there's any sort of plan for dealing with this issue."

The thieves aren't very professional. We heard that they actually updated the student's Facebook status on her stolen laptop. We also heard (but this is not confirmed) that among the items stolen was marijuana and a pipe.

Remember, wherever you are living on campus, to lock up your valuables!

Update: Concerned TH residents are invited to meet with Don Marsala, director of security, at 8pm on Thursday, according to a second email from Sam Seymour. Seymour also wrote that police will be increasing their patrol in the area.


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