September 5, 2010

Kid Sister Plays Graduation Hill

Kid Sister performed at last night's annual Serenading concert to a crowd of hundreds on Graduation Hill. Some students sat on blankets and watched the concert from above, while others danced up front near the stage. Kid Sister played a short but excellent set that had high energy and seemed to not skip a beat.
Javelin was the opening act, and as if often the case with these concerts, the crowd was small until the end. The group stopped playing for about fifteen minutes when a light rain fell. "It's a shame that we're an electronic group," one of the guys said as event organizers rushed to cover the band's equipment with plastic bags. To make up for lost time, the group continued to play as the fireworks went off overhead.

Kid Sister's DJ continued to spin before her encore and students breached the barricades. A lucky few made it on to the stage. 

Check out our full recap of the Serenading festivities.


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