September 14, 2010

More On Plans For Third "MMIP"

On Sunday night, the VSA announced its plans for the third annual Meet Me in Poughkeepsie. Mads spoke with Tanay Tatum '12, VSA Vice President for Activities, who says that she expects the specific list of events to be announced next week.

Tanay hopes that this year's events will consist of more than just Vassar students visiting locations. "I really want students and organizations on campus to shape the programming that takes place during MMIP," Tanay tells Mads, adding, "however, I am pushing for more events that actually engage the community." Ideally, Tanay says, she would like to see Vassar groups partnering with local non-Vassar organizations. Tanay also hopes that dorms and orgs will focus on events specifically in Poughkeepsie, staying true to the event's mission, rather than in the greater Hudson Valley.

According to the letter the VSA sent to org presidents about the event, the VSA will cover up to $10 per participant. Each organization is asked to contribute only $25 to help cover the cost of transportation. The event application form to be submitted by organizations states that ideal events "will host a large number of participants, take place off campus, and celebrate the rich culture of Poughkeepsie and the surrounding area."