September 1, 2010

More On Vassar's Sex Life

[via Flickr]
Last week we posted about an upcoming list that named Vassar a top 10 school for "getting lucky." Now the complete list is out, and here's what the site has to say:

"The men of Vassar College have a real leg up on their competitors at other schools. As a female student reports, "Men are high demand here since there are few of them, even fewer that are straight, and even fewer that are single. Guys who fit this bill will have girls all over them.” But it’s not just the uneven number of males and females that creates a strong hook-up environment. "Lust is simply in the air” at left-leaning Vassar, where “conversation topics almost always revolve around sex, gossip or music.” There’s even an official school publication called Squirm: “a journal of smut and sensibility, exploring sex and sexuality, involving lots of nudity and non-mainstream attitudes about sex.”


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand this nutty stereotype that Vassar is so gender-imbalanced. The classes of 2013 and 2014 are both roughly 50-50 male/female. The school seems very balanced. And everyone I've met is heterosexual. Schools like Bard or Oberlin are waaaaaaay more girly and gay than Vassar.

Although Unigo is correct that we have lots of attractive, athletic people.

Rekushi said...

I really don't understand this common behavior of pulling numbers out of your ass.

From last year's Common Data Set (concerning class of 2013)

266 freshmen men enrolled
394 freshmen women enrolled
660 freshmen total

266/660 = 0.403030303 ~ 40% male
394/660 = 0.596969697 ~ 60% female

English major? Women Studies?

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