September 9, 2010

Pics From "Voting"

Voting@Vassar and other campus and local organizations had tables set up yesterday in the College Center to register students to vote and give out other useful information.

Here is what Baynard Bailey of CIS had to say about the event:
"Poli Sci Professor Sarita Gregory organized the event. Dozens of students registered locally or in their home districts via computers or paper forms. Helen Benlisa of the Catskill Center for Independence was there to discuss issues of accessibility for all voters. There was a video loop of various students and Vassar luminaries talking about issues surrounding voting at Vassar. The board of elections provided an Accessible Voting machine (mandated by law to be at all polling places this year) for folks to try out. MEChA and the VC Green Party also hosted tables."

Click here to see pictures from the event, courtesy of Baynard Bailey.


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