September 14, 2010

Power Goes Out Across THs

First robberies, now power shortages. Not a great week to be living in the THs. Some Town House residents are reporting power outages this evening, with emergency flood lights going on and lights and other power sources working at low or nonexistent levels. Security says it hasn't identified the problem, but to sit tight. B&G's offices are closed for the day, so no word on when this will get resolved.

Update: The power shortage lasted around three hours. At one point the power went out completely, and then returned to normal moments later. Security, B&G, and what looks like an off-campus electrician continue to cruise the THs. We're good, people!

Update #2: The Poughkeepsie Journal is reporting that the power failure affected 1,900 residents in the Town of Poughkeepsie. Here is their brief report:

"A power failure in Town of Poughkeepsie has affected about 1900 customers in an area just south of Route 44. Central Hudson reported the outrage at approximately 8:20 p.m. Representatives were not available to give a reason for the power failure. The outage has also knocked out power to parts of Vassar College."

Power did not go out in other parts of campus.