September 14, 2010

Problems At Poughkeepsie Polls

[courtesy Baynard Bailey]

 We haven't heard from any Vassar students about problems at the polls - including the ones students faced last year - but The Poughkeepsie Journal is reporting that "the new voting machines and ballots posed a challenge for some local people." Some machines had faulty memory cards. Poughkeepsie residents also complained that the form was unclear.

Update: Sarita Gregory, Assistant Director of Poli Sci and leader of Voting@Vassar tells Mads:

"My POLI 170 class spent the entire day at Arthur S. May as poll watchers and reported no issues for Vassar students today at the polls, which was great news.  The major issue with today's election seemed to be with opening the new machines and poll worker training.  Delay in machine setup caused Arthur S. May's polling site to open an hour late.  There are reports of other poll sites experiencing some issues with voters who were uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the new voting process."