September 4, 2010

Serenading Recap

Breaking News... Noyes won Serenading moments ago! Main came in second place and Jewett in third.

Here are some notable moments:
  • The 2011 chant: "What do we want? FRESHMEN. How do we want them? WET."
  • Fights for the hoses at each dorm were intense, especially outside of Joss.
  • Non-water substances thrown included silly string and glitter.
  • One Jewett freshman attempted to jump in Sunset Lake before his more sober friends stopped him.
  • Seniors infiltrated Davison and dumped a trash can of water on the freshmen outside below.
  • Seniors dumped a trash can of Sunset Lake water on some unfortunate freshman. That freshman will probably grow a third arm soon.
This was the second year that Serenading has been water-only and although it was certainly less messy, the event wasn't without incident. There was a bit of drama when seniors rushed through the front of Lathrop rather than the back and started a water fight in the hallway and lobby.

Former Jewett house president Chris Doscher '11 said his old dorm "was not up to par." Then we told him we would quote him and he said, "They should have won!"

Update: Senior class vice president Nick Dressler '11 tells Mads: "Serenading was fucking amazing! The weather was perfect, the freshmen were rowdy, and we sure as hell got them wet! A really great kick-off to senior year!"


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