September 4, 2010

Shiva Rave Was Shut Down

As we tweeted last night, campus security and the fire department shut down the Shiva Rave at around midnight. The line outside was complete chaos and neither security nor the event's organizers could control the crowds.

Here's what happened, according to an insider:
"The Shiva was over-capacity so Security stopped anyone else from entering. The door line quickly became a crowd... and then a mob... and then a small riot as people forced their way past the human barricade that Security had made. When that happened, the Fire Marshall killed the event. The stone wall around the small park outside the Shiva also sustained property damage."


Anonymous said...

The Shiva Rave was NOT over capacity. In fact, there was a quite a bit of breathing room compared to previous years when the event got shut down at 12am. The problem was that it was the only event on campus last night, and the line outside was getting ridiculous. One security officer who was manning the door said it was 15 people wide, and an event staffer came in really shaken up because a fist fight had broken out right in front of her and she almost got slugged in the face. There was no way to control the crowd outside, so it was determined that it needed to be shut down.

Nick said...

I blame Four Loko

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