September 17, 2010

This Weekend On Campus...5771 Edition

What better way to celebrate the year 5771 than by wearing duct tape and going to a Villard Room party? And you'll have a clean slate after all that atoning. Here is our weekly list of everything worth checking out on campus. Email madsvassar AT gmail DOT com for publicity.

Yom Kippur Pre-Fast Dinner, 5:30 PM, CC MPR
Yom Kippur Service, 6:45 PM, Aula
Indecent Exposure Stand-Up, 9:00 PM, Sanders

Yom Kippur Services, 10 AM, 6:45 PM, Aula
Yom Kippur Break-Fast Meal, 7:45 CC MPR
Anything But Cloth, 10 PM Villard Room

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