October 31, 2010

NYCLU Trying To Protect Vassar Voters

The New York Civil Liberties Union is taking measures to prevent what happened to Vassar student voters last November from happening this month. (For those of you who don't know or don't remember, on election day last year Republicans passed an injunction barring students who changed dorms during their time at Vassar from voting. Students also claimed to face intimidation and harassment, like one Bard student captured in this video.)

According to an article on the NYCLU efforts, "the NYCLU urges the election commissioners to instruct its election inspectors to pose a series of questions to individuals who challenge a student’s right to vote based on residency. If inspectors determine that the challenge is based solely upon the voter’s status as a student, then it should be immediately dismissed and the student should be allowed to vote."

Send Us Your Pictures!

We've already received lots of submissions. Keep them coming!

Update: Thanks for all of the submissions! Check back soon to vote for your favorites!

One Week From Today, Mads Vassar Presents...

We're excited to announce our second "Mads Vassar Presents" event! One week from today, we're bringing singer-songwriter Jason Anderson to campus with Brian Chaudhry opening for a special acoustic performance by Sunset Lake.

Jason Anderson was last on campus in 2008. Check out a clip from that concert here.

Sunday, November 7th, 2pm on Sunset Hill. (Rain location: CC MPR). The event is co-sponsored by Main House.

October 30, 2010

Send Us Your Pictures!

Remember to send in your pictures before midnight on Sunday for for our fourth annual Halloween Costume Contest! You can email pictures to madsvassar [at] gmail.com or post them to Twitter and tweet @madsvassar.

Vassar.edu Goes Halloween

As it does every year, the Vassar website has been redone for Halloween. This year the homepage is interactive, inviting visitors to find the hidden acorns in the Rose Parlor on screen.

Spotted: PoPo In The THs

Readers spotted two police cars in the THs last night. It looked like four police officers were examining something outside of an C-block house.

October 29, 2010

Some Helpful Advice For Halloween At Vassar

The Class of 2011 Halloween party, Ghouls Gone Wilde, is just over twenty-four hours away. Still in need of a costume idea? Here are some tips based on what Vassar students have done in the past...

1. If you're doing a celebrity, do it well or be unique. The 2010er who won our contest last year for her Lady Gaga outfit was successful because she put in the effort. But you should be unique too. Celebrities to stay away from this year: Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore castmembers, Sarah Palin.

2.  If you're doing a team costume, be prepared to commit. Team efforts always seem like a good idea until people start backing up and someone is left with nothing. Make sure your friends are in it to win it before committing to being, say, the Beatles. And if you need to stay together, like these students did last year for their creative Golden Snitch outfit, make sure it's someone you like.

3. Don't be afraid to keep it simple. If it's a few hours before the big night and you still don't have an idea, don't panic. You can easily throw something together like these two did that can be just as funny as a costume that has been planned out weeks in advance.

 4. Everyone likes a Vassar reference. While it might take some explaining - like this student's "stolen kiwi bird" costume did last year - Vassar-inspired costumes are usually crowd-pleasers.

5. Be creative. There are going to be so many Where's Waldos, '80s rockers, and "sexy" variations on just about everything that you're going to want to be creative. Make something yourself, like this student did for her Bud Lightyear costume last year.

Stick to these general guidelines and you should have a unique and impressive costume, even if it's a last-minute idea. Remember, we want to see the results! Email madsvassar [at] gmail.com with a picture of you or your friends in costume by Sunday at midnight for our fourth annual Mads Vassar Halloween Costume Contest.

Vassar Is "Best Value" School, Yet Way Above Average Price

A new list in the Christian Science Monitor ranks Vassar as the #10 best value private college. The list determines which schools provide "the best education for the lowest net cost."

Meanwhile, yesterday's New York Times reports that the average tuition for private colleges is $36,993 (with room and board). Considering that figure is about $16,000 lower than Vassar's price, we're not sure what makes our school such a "great value."

Belated Memorial Service For Virginia Smith

This seems a bit belated, but Vassar just announced that it will be holding a memorial service for Virginia B. Smith, the former school president who passed away in August. The service will be on November 13th at 11am in the library.

October 28, 2010

This Weekend On Campus...Halloweekend Edition

We're doing our "Weekend on Campus" post a day early this week because the Halloweekend fun starts tonight. For those of you who are celebrating Halloween for the first time at Vassar, know that this weekend is easily one of the biggest of the school year. Here is our weekly list of everything worth checking out. Email madsvassar [at] gmail [dot] com for publicity.

A Capella 'Till You Puke, 6pm Retreat
Dear Brutus, 8pm Shiva

Trick-or-Treating, 7pm THs / 8pm TAs
Dear Brutus, 8pm Shiva

Raymond's Annual Haunted House, 8pm College Center
The Limit Reunion Show, 9pm Sanders
ASU Mug Night, 10pm Mug

5k Fun Run, 10am sign-up, 11am start, Main Gate
Trick-or-Treating, 12pm Res Quad
THalloween, 2pm TH Circle
Dear Brutus, 2pm Shiva
Costume Contest & Pizza, 8pm all dorms
Halloween Double Feature, 11pm, UpC

 Women's Rugby Game, 1pm Vassar Farm

Send your submissions for the fourth annual Mads Vassar Halloween Costume Contest to madsvassar [at] gmail.com or tweet @madsvassar by midnight!

October 27, 2010

Friends With Benefits To Return For Halloween Party

While it might not be the biggest performance announcement of the day, we're excited to announce that DJ Friends with Benefits will be returning to Vassar for this Saturday's Class of 2011 Halloween Party, Ghouls Gone Wilde: A Ghostly Gala.

Friends with Benefits, which consists of Jeremy Robinson-Leon '07 and Michael Chico '05, has headlined the party for the last few years.

BREAKING: Yeasayer To Play Fall Concert

[via Flickr]
ViCE has officially announced that popular indie band Yeasayer will be playing Vassar this semester. The event will be on Friday, November 12th in the Vassar Chapel. 

This is actually the band's second time at Vassar; they performed in 2007 at a NoViCE show.

The concept of big shows in both the fall and spring is fairly new to the organization. Grizzly Bear and Beach House played last year's event.

Tickets will cost $10 and will be available next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The event is co-sponsored by the Classes of 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Update: Looks like it will be a very collegiate weekend for Yeasayer. The group will be playing Middlebury the following night.

Is The End Of Four Loko Near?

[via Flickr]
Vassar administration may be able to breathe a sign of relief in the near future. According to recent articles in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and elsewhere, Four Loko, the alcoholic energy drink that has been the cause of controversy and hospitalizations at Vassar this semester may soon face heavy restrictions.

According to yesterday's NY Times, doctors are calling the drink "one of the most dangerous new alcohol concoctions" they have ever seen because the caffeine hides certain effects of the alcohol. Eighteen attorneys general and New York Senator Charles Schumer have spoken out against the drink and the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission are launching investigations.

Further, an article in today's LA Times explains that Central Washington University is temporarily banning the drink - a move Ramapo College in New Jersey did recently - after so many students took ill. In addition, Washington's Attorney General is seeking a state-wide ban on the drink.

Phusion Projects, the masterminds behind the drink, posted a statement on their website yesterday responding to the Central Washington University ban. Notably, the statement is less apologetic than it is defensive. It states that Four Loko received all the blame when other alcoholic drinks were consumed. In addition, Phusion says that underage drinkers are the issue, not the product's marketing or contents. "Curbing alcohol abuse on college campuses will not be accomplished by singling out a lone product or beverage category," the company writes. Phusion also compares the alcohol-caffeine combination to "having coffee after a meal with a couple glasses of wine."

Apparently one of the gay men tortured in the Bronx three weeks ago was forced to comsume ten cans of Four Loko.

But not everyone is as concerned as those as Ramapo and CWU. "It’s important to put this drink in perspective and lose the stupid hysterics," one Vassar alumnus writes on his blog. "Four Loko is a fad... This elixir will run its course and will eventually be replaced by something else."

Meanwhile, Dean Roellke and various committees and students continue to plan for a space on campus to serve as an alcohol-free alternative to Vassar parties.

October 26, 2010

Student Orgs To Attend Stewart/Colbert Rally (On VSA's Dime)

[via Comedy Central]
According to the Misc's live blog of last Sunday's VSA Council meeting, the council is giving a total of $2,850 to the Vassar Democrats and the Moderate Independent Conservative Alliance (MICA) for members to attend this weekend's Rally to Restore Sanity/March To Keep Fear Alive event featuring Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

If the number of attendees on Facebook is reliable, the rally, being held on Saturday in Washington D.C., is expected to draw 300,000 people. Not too shabby, considering the rally organizers don't even have a permit. (via New York Times)


Spotted: men on top of the smokestack, which continues to undergo significant reduction.

Announcing Our 4th Annual Halloween Contest!

We are very excited to announce the fourth annual madsvassarblog.com Halloween costume contest! For the fourth year in a row we're inviting students to email us pictures of themselves or their friends in costumes by midnight on Sunday. Also, for the first time in the contest's history you can submit your pictures via Twitter! Simply TwitPic your submission @ madsvassar.

After midnight, we'll have polls open to readers and will announce the winners in a future podcast. As always, the winner is awarded with the ultimate prize - bragging rights.

In years past we've gotten dozens of submissions and we hope this year is no different. Click here to see some past submissions and winners.

More info on this, as well as other Halloween festivities later in the week!

Become A Student Poll Watcher

Want to become a student poll watcher for the elections this November? Here is some information about a training session that will be happening tomorrow (Wednesday, October 27th) at 5pm in Rocky 104.

"Elections Commissioner Fran Knapp will train students to act as Poll Watchers and to discuss student voting rights for the upcoming Nov 2nd election. Come learn how you can make a difference and fight voter suppression!  If people know their rights, know the law, and how to act in various situations, we can go a long way to prevent voter suppression from happening this year at the polls."

Even More Anonymous Vassar Sites

Last week we introduced Say Anything, an anonymous confession board for Vassar students. This week two new Vassar sites have sprung up, proving that Vassar students really are addicted to social media.

An anonymous student (or students) has started VDate, a dating site for Vassar students. The site aims at encouraging the long forgotten method of what used to be called "dating" at a school recently ranked as one of the sluttiest in the country. According to the site's introductory post: "If you are sick of the mug, think making out with strangers in the dark, and getting blackout drunk... are not necessarily great ingredients for a an affectionate and long lasting relationship, Vdate is here to help."

In addition, another anonymous message board is gaining momentum, although it has actually been around since February. OMG Vassar encourages users to "write anything about anything." Posts include conversations on Cappy, hipsters, and professors, as well as the always popular "texts from last night" and "overheard at Vassar" posts.

October 25, 2010

What We're Reading...The End Of The Hipster

[via Facebook]
Hipsters are so 2009, according to an article in New York magazine. But then who will sit outside of the library and smoke cigarettes?

In other hipster-bashing news, a Wesleyan student has a fairly new blog that tracks "hipster fashion through the eyes of a bro." The blogger takes on high-waisted shorts, non-perscription glasses, and facial hair. (via Wesleying)

Want more? LA Times had an article last week comparing hipsters and pornography ("you know 'em when you see 'em.") Apparently a panel defined the hipster as "someone 18 to 25 years old with an interest in music, fashion and fornication; with progressive ideology... with a weakness for criticism and apathy; and with the desire to be creative and connected." Sounds pretty Vassar to us.

Quidditch In The News Today

The Wall Street Journal featured a front-page article on the International Quidditch Association today. The IQA is organizing next month's annual Quidditch World Cup, which Vassar will be attending.

Gawker was less enthusiastic about the article, writing, "until you can fly and cast spells, you're just a bunch of dorks with broom wedgies."

October 24, 2010

What We're Watching

That is all.

Before "Poughkeepsie Shuttle" Was "Vassar Trolley"

[via The Poughkeepsie Journal]
Today's "Picture the Past" section in The Poughkeepsie Journal features the Vassar Trolley, an early predecessor to today's Poughkeepsie Shuttle. The trolley, depicted here on its last day of service in 1935, transported people from Vassar to Main Street down by the river.

October 23, 2010

Professor Tallon On PBS's "NOVA"

Attention art history students (a.k.a. the majority of Vassar): Professor Andrew Tallon was featured on "Building the Great Cathedrals," a special for PBS's NOVA. The program aired on Tuesday, but you can check it out here. Professor Tallon is shown 19 minutes in as part of a "team of scientists" that brings in special equipment to survey a cathedral.

"Murray enlists the help of Andrew Tallon, a medeival architecture specialist, to scan every nook and cranny," the narrator says. The professor actually speaks a lot during the segment.

October 22, 2010

Vassar Advances In Vegan Competition

Vassar has made it to round two of PeTA2's Most Vegan-Friendly College Competition. The way voting works is that schools are grouped in brackets of two. We beat out Sarah Lawrence in round one and now we're up against Yale. If we advance to round three, we'll have to face either American University or Warren Wilson College.

Yale offers some pretty strong competition. According to a Yale Daily News article from February, some students complain about an "over-representation of vegan options." Although not many Yale students identify as vegan, "vegan dishes usually represent one of six or seven entrée options" at the dining halls.

While we haven't seen much publicity at Vassar regarding the competition, other schools are taking it very seriously. According to Wesleying, Wesleyan, who won the vegetarian competition last year, is for the second year in a row offering giveaways to voters; this time it's the chance to win a twenty-person pizza party. (Pizza for a vegan contest?)

Click here to vote.

October 20, 2010

Vassar Has 4th Most Ridiculous-Sounding Math Class

Vassar made New York magazine's list of The Ten Most Ridiculous-Sounding Math Classes Currently Offered at Liberal Arts Colleges for the class Mathematics and Narrative. The class comes in at #4 and its description is lifted right from the course catalogue. It is a Freshman Writing Seminar course and taught by Dean of Freshmen Ben Lotto.

Other schools to make the list include Bard (The Mathematics of Chance), Middlebury (Mathematics and Science as Art in Contemporary Theater) and Hampshire (Mathematical Origamist's Toolkit).

Thanks to a reader for spotting this!

Loeb Will Re-Open In Jan. With Photo Exhibit

It looks like the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center is still on track to re-open in January after months of renovations. This morning, College Relations announced the first exhibit to take place in the newly opened center, "Vassar 150 Years Later: New Photography by Tina Barney, Tim Davis, and Katherine Newbegin." The exhibit - which features works with names like "Vassar Dad with Microwave" and "The Basement of Jocelyn (Please Baby Please)" will open January 28th.

What the PR anouncement does not mention is that the photographers took the photographs specially for this exhibition. According to the Loeb's Off The Wall blog, curator Mary-Kay Lombino writes:

"I chose these three artists because each of them has particular style and a unique set of interests that I hoped they would bring to the project. I asked them to come to campus and create a new body of work inspired by what they saw here. After numerous visits to Poughkeepsie and many hours clocked in dorm rooms, classrooms, basements, townhouses, and everywhere else they could think of, the photographs have all been shot."

Vassar Staycation #2: Main Movie Night

[via Flickr]
Main House will be hosting its second event of the week for students who are staying at school over October break. There will be a movie shown on Friday at 7pm on the third floor of Main, along with free pizza and popcorn. Students can pick from movie choices, including The Hangover and Date Night.

October 18, 2010

Vassar Staycation: Movie Trip

If you're staying at Vassar this break, in addition to checking out the fall foliage, you can also go to the movies for free. Main House is sponsoring trips to the theaters at the Galleria and South Hills malls tomorrow (Tuesday). The group will be leaving from Main at 8pm and students can choose from any movie shown after 8:30.

Sign-up outside of Main 442.

Main and Residential Life will be hosting additional programs later in the week as well, according to a student on the Main house team.

Introducing "Say Anything"

The latest unofficial student-run Vassar site is Say Anything, an anonymous forum where students can post and respond to topics.

The site's organizer is taking steps to make sure students remain somewhat respectful, which has been such a problem with anonymous sites in the past that administration has had to intervene. The posts on Say Anything are moderated. "We’ve all seen how bad unchecked anonymous comments can get," the website's "about" section states. "There is no exact criteria for what is and isn’t accepted. Common sense should help you figure it out, or you can just try and see what happens."

 So far the discussions include midterm ramblings, professor complaints/confessions, and of course, the famous Deece Cat.

Click here to check out Say Anything.

In Case You Haven't Noticed...

In case you haven't noticed, the fall foliage is starting to peak this week. On campus the trees by Sunset Lake and the residential quad are bright orange and red. If you're staying at Vassar for the break, take a drive through the Valley (see pictures below) or do some hiking. If you're home, take the scenic route on your way back to school this weekend.

These pictures were taken on roadside overlooks by the Mohonk Reserve near New Paltz, twenty minutes from Vassar:

October 17, 2010

Raymond Ave Place Finally Demolished

That abandoned Midco building (was it an autoparts shop?) on the corner of Raymond and Haight has finally been demolished. No word yet on what will come to the space.

Before (via Google Maps):


October 16, 2010

Latest Vassar Art Trend: TAPEstry

We've seen art take on a lot of different forms at Vassar, but the latest trend is TAPEstry. For a small fee, Michael Hofmann '13 will make designs out of masking tape on your dorm wall. But these aren't just any designs - $10 will get you Harry Potter in a canoe, $30 will get you his "Waters of Babylon" design.

"I started TAPEstry because of all the positive feedback I'd been getting on the tape art I did in my suite," Michael tells Mads. "I want to give people the same kind of eye-drawing cool-factor to their own rooms that is cheap, removable, and personalized. It's very relaxing and fun for me to make these pieces and discover new things I can do with just black masking tape."

While most people are probably satisfied with the look of their rooms by mid-semester, Michael is optimistic that the trend will catch on. "I'm hoping that this year will bring TAPEstry out into the open so that when next year rolls in, I'll be busy filling out requests all over campus," Michael says. Forty-nine people "like" it on Facebook.

Michael, a music and psychology student, works in other media outside of TAPEstry. He does pencil drawing and tee shirt and poster design and describes himself as a "big crafter." "I've made scrapbooks, masks, hemp jewelry, centerpieces, holiday wreaths... you name it, I could probably make it," he says. He also works with LEGOs.  ("One of my ongoing projects is a table in which the base is made completely out of LEGOs.")

October 15, 2010

Your Day Wasn't As Good As This

One Vassar senior spent her first day of October break helping JWOWW into a dress for a photoshoot. Your day didn't even come close.

October 13, 2010

Lathrop Water Shut Off...Again

Lathrop's house advisor notified residents that their water would be shut off for some time today to work on "plumbing issues." Is this related to last week's flooding?

October 12, 2010

150-Year-Old Smokestack To Be Reduced

[via Flickr]
Even though the powerhouse smokestack will not be becoming a cell phone tower, as was announced on Sunday night, significant changes will be made to the structure over October break. According to an all-campus email sent moments ago, the 150 foot tower will be reduced by 40 feet during. The reason behind the reduction is "to address a potential safety hazard related to the loosening brick," the email states.

For those worried about losing a memorable and historical part of the Vassar campus, hope is not completely lost. The email states that reconstruction will be considered because of "the structure’s historic and aesthetic characteristics. Interestingly, the email also notes that the Vassar and architectural historians were consulted. The smokestack dates back to the 1860s when the school first opened.

The project is a collaboration between the offices of Special Projects, Buildings and Grounds, and Finance and Administration.

PeTA Nominates Vassar For Most Vegan-Friendly School

Animal rights group PeTA has nominated Vassar for its Most Vegan-Friendly School competition. In an email to Campus Dining last night, a rep for PeTA wrote, "I'm happy to report that after several months of deliberation and analysis, we have chosen Vassar College as one of the most vegan-friendly colleges in the U.S. This nomination was made based on both the quality and quantity of vegan options available to students on campus as well as feedback from students on the receptiveness and creativity of dining staff, and this is something that the university can be very proud of."

Vassar has previously been nominated for most vegetarian-friendly school, a title we won several years ago. However, our relationship with PeTA has been strained in recent years. Back in September 2007 the group accused the science department of animal cruelty towards birds. Then two years later, a representative from PeTA came to campus to speak about more animal abuse.

Click here to vote for Vassar. Votings ends on October 18th.

Story developing...

October 11, 2010

The "Deece Cat" Is On Facebook

Everyone's favorite campus feline friend may not have a home, but it does have a Facebook. That's right, the Deece Cat - which has been hanging out near the entrance to ACDC for the past two weeks - has a Facebook account with 286 friends. Its interests include "beating petted, taking naps, purring," as well as Hello Kitty and Cat Stephens. It's also apparently a member of the Class of 2014.

As we mention in our podcast, we couldn't find any "lost" notices with this cat's description in the Poughkeepsie classifieds.

Update: We spoke to the creator of the account, an anonymous freshman, about why he created it. "My friends and I decided when we were really high that the Deece Cat needed to have a Facebook so that people could work out its schedule of how to feed it and what its actual name was. So we sat around smoking weed for two hours figuring out what he would be interested in. Basically anything involving the word cat. Also, we weanted to claim him for the 2014s."

So is the student surprised at how popular the page has gotten? "It's been two days and he has four hundred hits. It's been so much more clicking than I originally anticipated."

MadsRadio Podcast #2

Check out our second podcast! We review all of the week's biggest stories, including the soccer fight, the "Deece cat," and Meet Me in Poughkeepsie.

By the way, click here to see an update to our Meet Me in Poughkeepsie "By Word of Mouth," which is discussed in the podcast.

October 10, 2010

The Smokestack Will Stay A Smokestack (For Now)

[via Flickr]
At tonight's VSA Council meeting, Bret Ingerman of CIS announced that one of the Vassar skyline's most prominent features, the powerhouse smokestack, will not be converted to a cell phone tower as planned. The reason is reportedly because AT&T recently constructed two cell phone towers in Poughkeepsie. The decision must have been made recently, because a July Buildings and Grounds report lists the project as "in design" and budgeted at $300K.

It is not clear whether the plans to remove the top 40 feet from the smokestack will go on as planned.

Get Creative With Condoms

Introducing Vassar's first-ever condom fashion show. People will be modeling condoms, but no, not in their intended function. ProHealth is calling for students to design outfits made entirely out of condoms for their Condom Couture event to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS.

There will be a general interesting meeting tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 11th) at 9pm in CC 204.

Spotted...Former Prez At Mahoney's

While everyone was hoping to see Snooki at the senior class' Meet Me At Mahoney's last night, the doing Teach for America since graduation, was wearing formal attire and sporting a thick beard. The beard was a hit; even Dean Roellke recently wrote on Jimmy's Facebook wall, "nice beard Jimmy!"

October 9, 2010

Spotted...Fireworks In The THs

At least two fireworks have gone off from the soccer field near the THs tonight, each about thirty minutes apart. The fireworks were accompanied by loud screams.

By Word Of Mouth

We hear that the organizer of a Meet Me in Poughkeepsie event did a great job of telling everyone where the event would take place, except for the place's owner. Somehow the organizer neglected to inform the establishment that the event would be there and just told them a few days ago to prepare for a wave of Vassar folks. Luckily for the organizer and everyone else, it all worked out.

Update 10/11: The event organizer tells us that she did in fact inform the manager of the plans, but that manager never told the person who was working on Saturday. Sorry!

October 8, 2010

BREAKING: Fight At Men's Soccer Game

Apparently a fight broke out at the men's soccer game moments ago. It is an hour and a half into the game against Hobart College. It is not clear if the fight was between members of the same team, between the two teams, or something else. No other info is known yet.

Update: According to an eyewitness, "Both teams on the field. Arms flailing. Someone on the Hobart team got a red card." The fight is between the two teams.

Update #2: The official recap of the game on the Athletics website doesn't mention the fight, only that "several tempers flared at once, leading to a red card." Vassar won the game.

Update #3: Here's another account from a Vassar athlete: "A kid on the Hobart team swung a punch [at a Vassar player]... He then pushed several different players and both benches cleared as well with all players on the field and coaches. After getting the red card, the Hobart player pushed a ref who was trying to break up the fight. I heard a rumor a Hobart parent got ejected too. There were a ton of people there so it got pretty rowdy."

No mention of the incident on the Hobart athletics recap.

Women's Volleyball To Play Games For "Dig Pink"

Here is a message from the Women's Volleyball team about their two games tomorrow, which are part of a campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer:

"The Vassar Volleyball team is once again teaming up with the Side-Out Foundation and Dig Pink Campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer. Education is key to increasing awareness and knowledge about the disease.  We are dedicating both our games this Saturday (10/9/10) to breast cancer awareness. Please join us if at all possible, and if you decide to attend, please wear something pink. Help us and the Side-Out Foundation raise funds and awareness in our fight against Breast Cancer!

We will have a raffle at the match and the following local businesses have donated gift certificates to the cause in the past: *Noshi's Coney Island - $15, *Pizzaria Bacio - $25, *Modell's - $10, *Uno Chicago Grill - $25, *The Crafted Kup - $25, *Thai Spice - $20, *Twisted Soul - $10 *Adams Fairacre Farms $35 *Zimmer Brothers Jewlers $25.

We also have a website where you can donate: https://www.side-out.org/application/teams/team_page/1757%29 .

Game Schedule:
Tri-Match 10/9/10
*12pm Vassar vs Marietta
*4pm NJCU vs Vassar."

What We're Reading...Vassar Girls And College Scarves

Back in August, collegiate fashion blog Ivy Style brought us a look at the evolution of Vassar women's fashion from the 1940s to the 1960s. Now the blog features another post about Vassar fashion in the bygone days, this one focusing on Vassar women wearing their Ivy League boyfriends' scarves.

According to the blog, back in the '50s Vassar girls would wear their boyfriends' scarves to show that they were taken. This trend was particularly popular at Princeton and Vassar.

"There’s no doubt that the ultimate accessory for any bermuda short and Brooks Brothers-clad Vassar girl was a men’s college scarf... To those beyond the Ivy gates, the clothes of the quintessential Vassar student could be seen as a sign of belonging to the academic elite of the Seven Sisters colleges. But individual garments could also reveal status between the students themselves, and the significance given to a man’s scarf when worn on the campus of a woman’s college is a perfect example."

Sometimes girls also wore scarves given to them by their fathers or brothers. Other girls bought scarves for themselves.

But the college scarf isn't entirely a thing of the past. What Ivy Style doesn't know is that three years ago every Vassar dorm sold unique "house" scarves. The items were popular at the time, although not many people wear them anymore. 

Click here to check out the post.

The 24-Hour Room In The Early AM

With midterms now upon us, the 24-hour library space is sure to become crowded. But does it really get used for the full 24 hours? The answer is yes. One reader recently spent the entire night there and described what it's like in the early hours of the morning.

According to the student, most people leave the space around 2am, with everyone gone by 4am. There is no one on duty there at that time, except for security guards who come to check in around 6am. The room also got very cold, he said.

On a side note, apparently security and library administrators are talking about installing a few more security cameras, as well as possibly a vending machine. The lack of food is one complaint students have had so far, as well as a lack of chairs and tables (most tables have the Media Cloisters computers on them).

This Weekend On Campus...Pre-Midterms Edition

Depending on what kind of student you are, this weekend will be either a last chance to party before buckling down for midterms, or spent in the library. Luckily for the first type, there are tons of showcases - singer-songwriters, dance, comedy - as well as Mug nights to help you procrastinate a little longer. Email madsvassar [at] gmail.com for publicity.

Light Up My Night, 7pm Quad
VRDT First Showings, 8pm Kenyon
No Offense Comedy Show, 10pm Sanders
HEL Show, 10pm Shiva
Dutty Love Pon di Floor (CSA Mug Night), 10pm Mug

Meet Me In Poughkeepsie, all day various locations
Women's Volleyball vs. Marietta, 12pm Kenyon
Women's Volleyball vs. NCJU, 4pm Kenyon
Out of this World (2012 Mug Night), 10pm Mug

Harvest Fest, 1pm Quad

October 7, 2010

Spotted: The ACDC Cat

We've been getting a lot of emails about the "Deece Cat" that has been seen around ACDC for the past two weeks. One person said its name is Napoleon, but that's about as much info as we could find.

If anyone has a picture or more info, please email us!

There is also a THs cat, known by some as Emilio, who gets adopted every few days until its new owners realize that it's a bad idea.

Update: Apparently the Deece Cat is far from camera shy. Thanks to everyone for sending in pictures!

And the THs cat:

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came to the first ever MadsVassar Mug Night last night! And a huge thanks to DJ Sharkattackz who held it down for three hours. We will be announcing our next "MadsVassar Presents" event after the break!

Lathrop Floods, Residents Left Without Hot Water

Lathrop residents were left with no hot water last night until noon today after the fire alarm went off last night and they were asked to leave for an hour.

According to one resident, the fire alarm went off at around 1:10am. Two firetrucks responded. While everyone was standing outside, House Adivsor Batia Epelbaum said that it probably had something to do with the flooding in her apartment, located on the first floor of the dorm. Batia then said something along the lines of, "It's going to be a while, you should find somewhere warm to go." Residents were let back in at 2:10am, but security told them they would not have hot water for a day or two.

This morning, residents found a sign posted in the lobby saying the hot water would return at noon today. Dorm President Samantha Garcia '13 also sent out an emailing saying, "So just a warning I have been told that we may not have hot water until noon. Just a heads up!"

Update: Here's what happened, according to Garcia: "A pipe connector that from years of use got blocked up, burst, and water started flooding into Batia’s apartment. There are two reasons why the fire alarm might have gone off. The first is that water may have seeped into the basement and set off the fire alarm there or steam from the hot water that was coming out may have set it off."

Everything Administration Hates In One Cartoon

In what may be One Two Six Oh Four's most clever cartoon yet, the anonymous student artist takes on everything that administration has gone up against in recent years, including Scantily Clad (only you seniors will remember), bed bugs, deer, Four Loko, and "blog posts that give Vassar a bad name."

October 6, 2010

Wireless Networks To Change During Break

Despite students complaining lately about problems with the campus wireless network, CIS announced today that the will be "discontinuing the unsecured wireless network" during October break. This means that the new "Student-Secure" and "FacStaff-Secure" networks will be the only ones available.

We've been using the secure network for a week now and we love not having to log in everytime, but does anyone else have trouble connecting in the first place?

Tonight! The First MadsVassar Mug Night!

Tonight is the night! The first ever MadsVassar Mug Night will be happening from 11pm-2am in the Mug. DJ Sharkattackz will be playing the songs you want to hear. This weekend you'll be bogged down with midterms, so party now! See you tonight!

Spotted: JYA Student In French "Vogue"

French Vogue captured a Vassar junior studying abroad in Paris for the "street looks" feature on their website.

October 5, 2010

Watch Rugby Girls Lift A Car

The post title pretty much sums it up. When asked why they did it, one rugby player answered, "because it was in the way."

Vassar Speaker Hopeful's Brother Dies

Dan Gordon-Levitt, brother of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has passed away, sources report. Dan passed away "peacefully and unexpectedly Sunday night," according to the blog Oh No They Didn't.

Dan, sometimes known as "Burning Dan," was a professional fire spitter. "He would be my favorite person in the world even if I wasn't lucky enough to know him as my brother," Dan once said about Joseph. Joseph has written a tribute to Dan on his blog.

Joseph is scheduled to speak at Vassar next month, although the event's organizers have not yet confirmed his acceptance.

What Do You Want To Hear At Our Mug Night?

Tomorrow night is the first ever MadsVassar Mug Night. Our favorite campus DJ duo, Sharkattackz, will be providing the tunes. We made song requests a few weeks ago for their UpC party, and now it's your turn. Leave a comment here, email madsvassar [at] gmail.com, post on the Facebook event page, or tweet @madsvassar with the songs you want to hear!

Oh and expect fist pumping. Lots of it.

Four Loko Leads To Unconsciousness (And Other Vassar Drinking Facts)

[via Flickr]
This post has been updated and corrected since it was first published this morning.

As the concern over alcohol consumption at Vassar continues, a reliable source who sits on various VSA committees informs us that the alcoholic energy drink Four Loko is behind every unconscious alcohol-related hospitalization this semester. To date there have been 55 EMS calls, 28 of which have been deemed "intoxication," with 4 or 5 of those involving unconscious students.

One student had a BAC of 0.4%, although Four Loko was reportedly not involved. (The legal limit to operate a vehicle is 0.08%). 

Many organizations on campus are also seeking successful alternative programs that do not involve or would not encourage drinking. In addition, Dean Roellke and the Committee for Campus Life is discussing making a weekend student space - possibly in UpC - that would serve as an alternative to drinking in housing or going to the Mug. 

Not a single hospitalization is reported for the last all-campus party, Dormal Formal.

Probably to the relief of administration, there is much talk of an imminent FDA-imposed ban on Four Loko. However, the FDA has been investigating the drink since November 2009 and no such ban has yet gone into effect. Maybe Four Loko will go the way of Sparks, which removed the caffeine from its alcoholic energy drink in 2008 after a lawsuit.

October 4, 2010

Announcing The MadsVassar Mug Night!

As we announced in this week's podcast, madsvassarblog.com will be hosting a Mug Night this Wednesday, Oct. 5th from 11pm to 2am. The event will feature DJ Sharkattackz and is made possible by ViCE.

RSVP on Facebook here!

What's With The Internet On Campus Lately?

We've been having a lot of trouble connecting to the internet lately, and after speaking with readers, it's clear that we're not the only ones. In the past few days, the internet has failed in the Town Houses, Joss, and other places around campus. Students are also having trouble using the new "Student Secure" network, which will be replacing the existing "Student" network in the near future.

OpDonation Presents "Faces of Homelessness"

Here is a message from Operation Donation about tonight's "Faces of Homelessness" event:

"Our event tonight (Monday, 10/4), "Faces of Homelessness" will be in UpC at 6pm as part of our Poverty Awareness Week. Faces of Homelessness features speakers who are or have been homeless, who will share their personal stories of homelessness and how it transformed their lives. Faces of Homelessness works to educate the public about homelessness, what can be done to end it and how to assist those who bear its unfortunate affects. Hear real stories, meet real people and change your perceptions."

MadsRadio Podcast #1

Here it is, our very first podcast! For fifteen minutes we talk about all of last week's biggest stories - those we posted and those we didn't - as well as what to expect this upcoming week. We also make a big announcement at the end...


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October 3, 2010

Coming Soon...Mads Podcast #1

Check back tomorrow morning for our very first podcast! We'll be discussing all the big stories from the past week, as well as what to expect for this week. We will also be making a big announcement, so check back soon!

October 2, 2010

Pics From Last Night


Except for one guy, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at last night's Circus party. Photos by madsvassarblog.com.