October 8, 2010

BREAKING: Fight At Men's Soccer Game

Apparently a fight broke out at the men's soccer game moments ago. It is an hour and a half into the game against Hobart College. It is not clear if the fight was between members of the same team, between the two teams, or something else. No other info is known yet.

Update: According to an eyewitness, "Both teams on the field. Arms flailing. Someone on the Hobart team got a red card." The fight is between the two teams.

Update #2: The official recap of the game on the Athletics website doesn't mention the fight, only that "several tempers flared at once, leading to a red card." Vassar won the game.

Update #3: Here's another account from a Vassar athlete: "A kid on the Hobart team swung a punch [at a Vassar player]... He then pushed several different players and both benches cleared as well with all players on the field and coaches. After getting the red card, the Hobart player pushed a ref who was trying to break up the fight. I heard a rumor a Hobart parent got ejected too. There were a ton of people there so it got pretty rowdy."

No mention of the incident on the Hobart athletics recap.


Anonymous said...

We win by one on the scoreboard; we win by 400 in the board scores. Thugs go home.

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