October 11, 2010

The "Deece Cat" Is On Facebook

Everyone's favorite campus feline friend may not have a home, but it does have a Facebook. That's right, the Deece Cat - which has been hanging out near the entrance to ACDC for the past two weeks - has a Facebook account with 286 friends. Its interests include "beating petted, taking naps, purring," as well as Hello Kitty and Cat Stephens. It's also apparently a member of the Class of 2014.

As we mention in our podcast, we couldn't find any "lost" notices with this cat's description in the Poughkeepsie classifieds.

Update: We spoke to the creator of the account, an anonymous freshman, about why he created it. "My friends and I decided when we were really high that the Deece Cat needed to have a Facebook so that people could work out its schedule of how to feed it and what its actual name was. So we sat around smoking weed for two hours figuring out what he would be interested in. Basically anything involving the word cat. Also, we weanted to claim him for the 2014s."

So is the student surprised at how popular the page has gotten? "It's been two days and he has four hundred hits. It's been so much more clicking than I originally anticipated."

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julia said...

Truly a landmark moment in the history of Vassar College. Great reporting, Mads!