October 2, 2010

DJ Drama Last Night?

While most of last night's party goers have taken to Twitter to express how much fun they had at Circus, Greg of Acid Girls may not feel the same way. Around 4am he tweeted, "Phenomenally shitty night. Time to make some changes maybe. Dome of it my fault. Not all, not most, but some." 

According to insiders who were hanging out after the show, the DJ was in good spirits until around 2:30am when he started asking around about an after-party.

DJ Mia Moretti, on the other hand, seems to have had a great time. "Thank you VASSAR you guys were too much fun #collegekids #teenagedreams" she tweeted at 3am.ViCE also hasn't acknowledged any drama, tweeting, "Thanks @gregacidgirls and @miamoretti + @caitlinmoe for an awesome show last night!"

Update: The guy from Acid Girls had some other weird tweets earlier in the night: "This greenroom is way too big. I'm playing sad songs on the piano by myself drinking vodka out of the bottle." Also: "I never went to college. Hope there's a frat party after the gig tonight."

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