October 26, 2010

Even More Anonymous Vassar Sites

Last week we introduced Say Anything, an anonymous confession board for Vassar students. This week two new Vassar sites have sprung up, proving that Vassar students really are addicted to social media.

An anonymous student (or students) has started VDate, a dating site for Vassar students. The site aims at encouraging the long forgotten method of what used to be called "dating" at a school recently ranked as one of the sluttiest in the country. According to the site's introductory post: "If you are sick of the mug, think making out with strangers in the dark, and getting blackout drunk... are not necessarily great ingredients for a an affectionate and long lasting relationship, Vdate is here to help."

In addition, another anonymous message board is gaining momentum, although it has actually been around since February. OMG Vassar encourages users to "write anything about anything." Posts include conversations on Cappy, hipsters, and professors, as well as the always popular "texts from last night" and "overheard at Vassar" posts.


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