October 5, 2010

Four Loko Leads To Unconsciousness (And Other Vassar Drinking Facts)

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This post has been updated and corrected since it was first published this morning.

As the concern over alcohol consumption at Vassar continues, a reliable source who sits on various VSA committees informs us that the alcoholic energy drink Four Loko is behind every unconscious alcohol-related hospitalization this semester. To date there have been 55 EMS calls, 28 of which have been deemed "intoxication," with 4 or 5 of those involving unconscious students.

One student had a BAC of 0.4%, although Four Loko was reportedly not involved. (The legal limit to operate a vehicle is 0.08%). 

Many organizations on campus are also seeking successful alternative programs that do not involve or would not encourage drinking. In addition, Dean Roellke and the Committee for Campus Life is discussing making a weekend student space - possibly in UpC - that would serve as an alternative to drinking in housing or going to the Mug. 

Not a single hospitalization is reported for the last all-campus party, Dormal Formal.

Probably to the relief of administration, there is much talk of an imminent FDA-imposed ban on Four Loko. However, the FDA has been investigating the drink since November 2009 and no such ban has yet gone into effect. Maybe Four Loko will go the way of Sparks, which removed the caffeine from its alcoholic energy drink in 2008 after a lawsuit.


jane said...

people just need to learn how much alcohol content there really is in 4loko. it's not some kind of advanced alcohol, but students drink it as if it were a single beer. students need to learn how to handle the loko.

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