October 16, 2010

Latest Vassar Art Trend: TAPEstry

We've seen art take on a lot of different forms at Vassar, but the latest trend is TAPEstry. For a small fee, Michael Hofmann '13 will make designs out of masking tape on your dorm wall. But these aren't just any designs - $10 will get you Harry Potter in a canoe, $30 will get you his "Waters of Babylon" design.

"I started TAPEstry because of all the positive feedback I'd been getting on the tape art I did in my suite," Michael tells Mads. "I want to give people the same kind of eye-drawing cool-factor to their own rooms that is cheap, removable, and personalized. It's very relaxing and fun for me to make these pieces and discover new things I can do with just black masking tape."

While most people are probably satisfied with the look of their rooms by mid-semester, Michael is optimistic that the trend will catch on. "I'm hoping that this year will bring TAPEstry out into the open so that when next year rolls in, I'll be busy filling out requests all over campus," Michael says. Forty-nine people "like" it on Facebook.

Michael, a music and psychology student, works in other media outside of TAPEstry. He does pencil drawing and tee shirt and poster design and describes himself as a "big crafter." "I've made scrapbooks, masks, hemp jewelry, centerpieces, holiday wreaths... you name it, I could probably make it," he says. He also works with LEGOs.  ("One of my ongoing projects is a table in which the base is made completely out of LEGOs.")