October 12, 2010

PeTA Nominates Vassar For Most Vegan-Friendly School

Animal rights group PeTA has nominated Vassar for its Most Vegan-Friendly School competition. In an email to Campus Dining last night, a rep for PeTA wrote, "I'm happy to report that after several months of deliberation and analysis, we have chosen Vassar College as one of the most vegan-friendly colleges in the U.S. This nomination was made based on both the quality and quantity of vegan options available to students on campus as well as feedback from students on the receptiveness and creativity of dining staff, and this is something that the university can be very proud of."

Vassar has previously been nominated for most vegetarian-friendly school, a title we won several years ago. However, our relationship with PeTA has been strained in recent years. Back in September 2007 the group accused the science department of animal cruelty towards birds. Then two years later, a representative from PeTA came to campus to speak about more animal abuse.

Click here to vote for Vassar. Votings ends on October 18th.

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