October 10, 2010

The Smokestack Will Stay A Smokestack (For Now)

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At tonight's VSA Council meeting, Bret Ingerman of CIS announced that one of the Vassar skyline's most prominent features, the powerhouse smokestack, will not be converted to a cell phone tower as planned. The reason is reportedly because AT&T recently constructed two cell phone towers in Poughkeepsie. The decision must have been made recently, because a July Buildings and Grounds report lists the project as "in design" and budgeted at $300K.

It is not clear whether the plans to remove the top 40 feet from the smokestack will go on as planned.

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Anonymous said...

from the Misc liveblog (http://blogs.miscellanynews.com/newsroom/2010/10/10/live-blogging-vsa-council-meeting-october-10/): "Because of deterioration in the top of the smokestack, the top 40 feet of the smokestack is set to be removed over October Break."