October 7, 2010

Spotted: The ACDC Cat

We've been getting a lot of emails about the "Deece Cat" that has been seen around ACDC for the past two weeks. One person said its name is Napoleon, but that's about as much info as we could find.

If anyone has a picture or more info, please email us!

There is also a THs cat, known by some as Emilio, who gets adopted every few days until its new owners realize that it's a bad idea.

Update: Apparently the Deece Cat is far from camera shy. Thanks to everyone for sending in pictures!

And the THs cat:


Anonymous said...

I named it Grace.

jane said...

i hear this cat follows hadley keohane '13 around

Will said...

I hear it's actually Have A Good who was turned into a cat by Aramark.

Anonymous said...

a NEW ACDC cat has been spotted! black, shy, and cute in fatal amounts.

cecholst said...

I love Napoleon. I watched him try to hunt some squirrels once. It was hilarious.

one two six oh four said...

There also appears to be a black and white cat who hangs out around the TA bridge.

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