October 28, 2010

This Weekend On Campus...Halloweekend Edition

We're doing our "Weekend on Campus" post a day early this week because the Halloweekend fun starts tonight. For those of you who are celebrating Halloween for the first time at Vassar, know that this weekend is easily one of the biggest of the school year. Here is our weekly list of everything worth checking out. Email madsvassar [at] gmail [dot] com for publicity.

A Capella 'Till You Puke, 6pm Retreat
Dear Brutus, 8pm Shiva

Trick-or-Treating, 7pm THs / 8pm TAs
Dear Brutus, 8pm Shiva

Raymond's Annual Haunted House, 8pm College Center
The Limit Reunion Show, 9pm Sanders
ASU Mug Night, 10pm Mug

5k Fun Run, 10am sign-up, 11am start, Main Gate
Trick-or-Treating, 12pm Res Quad
THalloween, 2pm TH Circle
Dear Brutus, 2pm Shiva
Costume Contest & Pizza, 8pm all dorms
Halloween Double Feature, 11pm, UpC

 Women's Rugby Game, 1pm Vassar Farm

Send your submissions for the fourth annual Mads Vassar Halloween Costume Contest to madsvassar [at] gmail.com or tweet @madsvassar by midnight!


Mat Leonard said...

Don't forget TA/TH trick or treating! Tonight, 7:00-8:30 in the THs, 8:00-9:30 in the TAs.

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