October 8, 2010

This Weekend On Campus...Pre-Midterms Edition

Depending on what kind of student you are, this weekend will be either a last chance to party before buckling down for midterms, or spent in the library. Luckily for the first type, there are tons of showcases - singer-songwriters, dance, comedy - as well as Mug nights to help you procrastinate a little longer. Email madsvassar [at] gmail.com for publicity.

Light Up My Night, 7pm Quad
VRDT First Showings, 8pm Kenyon
No Offense Comedy Show, 10pm Sanders
HEL Show, 10pm Shiva
Dutty Love Pon di Floor (CSA Mug Night), 10pm Mug

Meet Me In Poughkeepsie, all day various locations
Women's Volleyball vs. Marietta, 12pm Kenyon
Women's Volleyball vs. NCJU, 4pm Kenyon
Out of this World (2012 Mug Night), 10pm Mug

Harvest Fest, 1pm Quad


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