October 22, 2010

Vassar Advances In Vegan Competition

Vassar has made it to round two of PeTA2's Most Vegan-Friendly College Competition. The way voting works is that schools are grouped in brackets of two. We beat out Sarah Lawrence in round one and now we're up against Yale. If we advance to round three, we'll have to face either American University or Warren Wilson College.

Yale offers some pretty strong competition. According to a Yale Daily News article from February, some students complain about an "over-representation of vegan options." Although not many Yale students identify as vegan, "vegan dishes usually represent one of six or seven entrée options" at the dining halls.

While we haven't seen much publicity at Vassar regarding the competition, other schools are taking it very seriously. According to Wesleying, Wesleyan, who won the vegetarian competition last year, is for the second year in a row offering giveaways to voters; this time it's the chance to win a twenty-person pizza party. (Pizza for a vegan contest?)

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