October 25, 2010

What We're Reading...The End Of The Hipster

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Hipsters are so 2009, according to an article in New York magazine. But then who will sit outside of the library and smoke cigarettes?

In other hipster-bashing news, a Wesleyan student has a fairly new blog that tracks "hipster fashion through the eyes of a bro." The blogger takes on high-waisted shorts, non-perscription glasses, and facial hair. (via Wesleying)

Want more? LA Times had an article last week comparing hipsters and pornography ("you know 'em when you see 'em.") Apparently a panel defined the hipster as "someone 18 to 25 years old with an interest in music, fashion and fornication; with progressive ideology... with a weakness for criticism and apathy; and with the desire to be creative and connected." Sounds pretty Vassar to us.

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