October 8, 2010

What We're Reading...Vassar Girls And College Scarves

Back in August, collegiate fashion blog Ivy Style brought us a look at the evolution of Vassar women's fashion from the 1940s to the 1960s. Now the blog features another post about Vassar fashion in the bygone days, this one focusing on Vassar women wearing their Ivy League boyfriends' scarves.

According to the blog, back in the '50s Vassar girls would wear their boyfriends' scarves to show that they were taken. This trend was particularly popular at Princeton and Vassar.

"There’s no doubt that the ultimate accessory for any bermuda short and Brooks Brothers-clad Vassar girl was a men’s college scarf... To those beyond the Ivy gates, the clothes of the quintessential Vassar student could be seen as a sign of belonging to the academic elite of the Seven Sisters colleges. But individual garments could also reveal status between the students themselves, and the significance given to a man’s scarf when worn on the campus of a woman’s college is a perfect example."

Sometimes girls also wore scarves given to them by their fathers or brothers. Other girls bought scarves for themselves.

But the college scarf isn't entirely a thing of the past. What Ivy Style doesn't know is that three years ago every Vassar dorm sold unique "house" scarves. The items were popular at the time, although not many people wear them anymore. 

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