October 6, 2010

Wireless Networks To Change During Break

Despite students complaining lately about problems with the campus wireless network, CIS announced today that the will be "discontinuing the unsecured wireless network" during October break. This means that the new "Student-Secure" and "FacStaff-Secure" networks will be the only ones available.

We've been using the secure network for a week now and we love not having to log in everytime, but does anyone else have trouble connecting in the first place?


Anonymous said...

i started on the student-secure network in august, and didn't have any problems until this week, when i couldn't get on the secure or the unsecured network... probably has something to do with that email informing everyone that the secure network exists...

Eddie said...
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Anonymous said...

Even after following CIS' online instructions, I'm still unable to get onto the student-secure network...

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