November 30, 2010

It's Official...

It's official: Former Vassar student Anne Hathaway will be co-hosting this year's Oscars.

What You Need To Know For Hanukkah At Vassar

For the 30% of Vassar students who identify as Jewish, as well as for anyone else who wants to celebrate the holiday, the VJU and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life will be hosting Hanukkah candle-lighting beginning tomorrow for the full eight nights.

Each night at 7:30pm the lighting will be in a different location and some nights will also include special events:

Wed. Dec. 1 - Candle Lighting, Hanukkah Party and Charity Dreidel Tournament - CCMPR @ 7:30pm
Thu. Dec. 2 - Candle Lighting - Davison Parlor @ 7:30pm
Fri. Dec. 3 - Candle Lighting (5:30pm), Shabbat Services (6:00) & Latke Dinner (7:15) - Bayit
Sat. Dec. 4 - Candle Lighting & Israeli Dancing - Lathrop MPR @ 7:30pm
Sun. Dec. 5 - Candle Lighting & Rugrats Cartoons Specials - Jewett MPR @ 7:30pm
Mon. Dec. 6 - Candle Lighting - Cushing Parlor @ 7:30pm
Tues. Dec. 7 - Candle Lighting - Raymond Parlor @ 7:30pm
Wed. Dec. 8 - Candle Lighting & Community Meeting - Bayit @ 7:30pm
More info here.

Cappy Unveils Sesqui Site

Although we leaked a preview of the new Sesquicentennial website last week, Cappy sent out an email for the site's official launch today. "As we anticipate the upcoming year-long sesquicentennial celebration, I invite you to visit our new 150th anniversary website," she wrote in an all-campus email this afternoon. "There you can enjoy hundreds of photographs and other rich content about the college’s history, note upcoming sesquicentennial events on and off campus, and perhaps most important, add your own Vassar story to the living history being developed online."

Check out the new website here, which features photographs from Vassar's 150 years, as well as a list of Sesquicentennial events and a "memories" section.

You can also look forward to lots of sesquicentennial-themed posts from Mads in the coming months.

November 29, 2010

Vassar Drop-Out May Host Oscars

[Flickr/USA Today]
One of Vassar's most famous drop-outs, Anne Hathaway, is rumored to be hosting this year's Academy Awards. The ceremony, which Hathaway may co-host with James Franco, will be on February 27th.

Hathaway most recently spoke about her time at Vassar in The New York Times two weeks ago.

November 28, 2010

ProHealth Presents "Condom Couture"

Below is a message from ProHealth about their upcoming Condom Couture event, which will take place on Thursday, Dec. 2nd at 8 pm in UpC.

"ProHealth, BSU, ASA, and LGBTQ would like to invite you to Condom Couture, a fashion show and benefit to raise awareness and funds for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Proceeds will be donated to the HIV Care Center: Ryan White Foundation.

Come dressed to impress. Inordinate amounts of glitter and flair are encouraged.

The event will feature MC Mitchell Gilburne as well as a panel of Vassar-celebrity judges, along with music provided by DJ Sharkattackz and a performance by HYPE!

Join us for a night of delicious desserts, fashion, and health awareness.

Look for pre-order ticket sales in the college center!"

"Still Here" Doc For World AIDS Day

Alex Camilleri '10 will be screening his award-winning documentary Still Here to commemorate World AIDS Day this Wednesday. The film tells the story of Randy Baron, a man who is living with HIV because of a rare immunity. A Q&A with Baron and Camilleri will follow the film.

More info on the film here.

The screening will be on Wednesday, Dec. 1st at 5:30pm in the Rosenwald (Center for Drama and Film).

Main Announces Moulin Rouge Details

Main House and the French Club's annual Moulin Rouge party is happening this weekend and organizers have just announced the final details:

Saturday, December 4th from 11pm-2am in the Villard Room
Featuring DJ DJ, DJ Lyke Mike, and DJ DTF
Free crepes from French Club, free beer for those 21+
Guest performance by Hype
Beer service will most likely end at 1am

November 27, 2010

Wondering What Happened In The PeTA Competition?

Vassar was selected to participate in PeTA's Most Vegan-Friendly School competition this year, but unfortunately we didn't make it past the round two. Northwestern eventually won the final round. Our school received an honorable mention (tenth place) and got this write-up on PeTA's website:

"Considered one of the most competitive schools when it comes to admissions, it's easy to see why so many prospective students are storming the gates to get into Vassar's upstate New York campus. Black-bean burgers, vegan chicken salad, spicy tofu, and vegan pudding are just a few of the many compassionate choices that students have available to them on campus. Throw in one of the nation's preeminent student organizations, the Vassar Animal Rights Coalition (VARC), and it's clear that getting into this top liberal-arts school isn't going to be getting easier any time soon."

Student Featured On SNL's "Weekend Update"

Matthew Zeltzer '13 was featured in an image on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" last weekend for a segment on the Quidditch World Cup. That same photo happens to be Zeltzer's Facebook profile picture.

The photo, which is licensed by the Associated Press, was also featured on a Washington D.C. radio station's website. Thanks to a reader for the screencap.

Update: We spoke to Zeltzer about his reaction to the popularity of the photo. "The photographer came up to me afterwards to let me know that she had taken the photo, so I was prepared for its use by news organizations," he says. "I've seen it used on news organizations' websites from Boston to San Francisco to India to New Zealand. Because of this, I was not overly surprised that SNL used my photo."

So how did he react to his face being on Saturday Night Live? "I found out when a friend of mine posted it on my Facebook wall that night. I think that my reaction was mainly of laughter. I still think it is a bit funny that they chose that photo to represent the entire World Cup, when there were other great photos taken that weekend."

November 24, 2010

What Do The Histories of Vassar And Thanksgiving Have In Common?

It's the time of year again for our annual post on Sarah Josepha Hale, the woman who is responsible for Vassar's name and the holiday of Thanksgiving.

Hale, the editor of a popular women's journal at the time, suggested to the Trustees that they remove the word "Female" from the original name of the school, "Vassar Female College." Ever notice the empty space between the slates for Vassar and College above the entrance to Main? Another tablet used to hang in the middle.

Hale's Thanksgiving letter to Lincoln 
But Hale's influence doesn't stop there. She wrote an editorial in the mid-1800s suggesting that President Lincoln make Thanksgiving an official holiday on the last Thursday of November. Lincoln did so, and voilĂ : the holiday as we know it today.

So as you're stuffing your face tomorrow, remember to give thanks to Sarah Josepha Hale!

Update: Yahoo News had a video feature on Hale's contribution. Apparently Hale also wrote the song "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

Campus Advisor Interrupts Thanksgiving Reverly

While students were busy packing and heading home this morning, Don Marsala sent out a campus advisory for an incident that took place yesterday morning. His description - and the incident - is the most graphic in recent memory:

"A female student was accosted between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM yesterday morning in a computer cluster in one of our residential houses. The student was in the cluster when a male entered the room and began to fondle her. He blocked her exit, preventing her from leaving and then began to masturbate. The female student was able to exit the room and contacted a fellow student. A Vassar Administrator was contacted and an investigation commenced immediately."

No word on which dorm this happened in. Security describes the suspect as "5'10" tall, student aged with no facial hair."

Stay safe, Vassar!

Thanksgiving At Vassar...150 Years Ago

If you were a Vassar woman in the college's second year in existence, you would be dining on boiled tongue with goose-apple sauce, mashed potatoes, and plum pudding for Thanksgiving dinner. In honor of the sesquicentennial, here is the 1866 menu for Thanksgiving dinner at Vassar.

Vassar In Futurama's Holiday Special

[via Comedy Central]
Vassar in the Media blog notes that Futurama poked fun at Vassar in their annual holiday special on Sunday night. The reference comes at 3:11 from an extremely Jewish-sounding robot.

Baumbach '91 Is On The Market

Celebrity gossip servers are reporting that Vassar's most famous film alumnus, Noah Baumbach '91, is getting divorced.

November 23, 2010

Sesquicentennial Site Is Up Early (Updated)

Update #3: Here is another preview image.

Update #2: One of the creators of the site tells us it is set to launch on November 30th with an email from Cappy. "The Office of Communications was just testing it today, but keep a look out for it again after break," the student says.

 Update: As we had anticipated, the sesquicentennial website is now only available to site administrators. Read below for a preview of the site.

The website celebrating Vassar's sesquicentennial isn't supposed to be online until after Thanksgiving break, but it appears to be accessible already.

The homepage features an interactive display of photographs spanning Vassar's history, such as students in a dorm room from the 1890s to a Cog Sci class from 2009. There is also a "Memories" section, which invites readers to send in their own memories (most so far are from the Class of 2010) and sections for "Histories," "Timeline," and "Events," which lists the sesquicentennial activities at Vassar and around the world.

And the event's organizers weren't exaggerating when they said this would be an international celebration. According to the website, events are planned for London and Athens, Greece, as well as in eight states and even more cities.

November 22, 2010

Vassar DJ Is Influential "Club Kid"

The New York Times is calling DJ Mia Moretti, who performed at Vassar earlier this semester, a "new club kid" who is shaping New York's nightlife scene. "Her broad musical taste and her snap ability to read a room are what give her an edge," the article says.

November 20, 2010

Celeb Sighting

Vassar students spotted newsman Al Roker in the bathroom of the Daily Planet diner this morning.

November 19, 2010

This Weekend On Campus...Get Your !@#* In Order Edition

As the student body realizes that after Thanksgiving break finals will soon be upon us, this weekend has less going on as students catch up on work and prepare for what's next. Email madsvassar [at] for publicity.

VRDT Final Showings, 8pm Kenyon. dancetix [at] for reservations.

Havana Nights, 10pm UpC: "Vassar Ballroom Club and MEChA will be hosting Havana Nights, an all-campus dance featuring TWO awesome performances by Ballroom and a special guest performance by HYPE! Like the Harvest Ball performance, but TIMES THREE! Come out to dance with your friends to some hip-shaking grooves provided by DJ Caliente all night long!"

VRDT Final Showings, 8pm Kenyon. dancetix [at] for reservations.
Improv Show, 10pm Taylor 203
Spring Break Mug Night, 10pm Mug

Midnight French Toast, 10pm Aula

November 18, 2010

Annual Hunting Advisory Email Is Scarier This Year

At the start of every hunting season Director of Safety and Security Don Marsala entertains the student body with his humorous all-campus emails. ("Hunters with beards, attitudes, and weaponry may be roaming through the woods. Leaving the antlered backpack at home and going easy on the Parfum de Bambi is highly recommended," he wrote in 2007.) This year however, which is the first hunting season since the controversial deer culling last winter, the email takes on a more dramatic tone.

"Poachers are not sportsmen and I fear that some may be lying in wait with slugs chambered and arrows nocked willing to shoot at any sound or movement that they think might be a deer," he writes. "I urge you to avoid our woodlands during the hunting season unless you can move faster than the 1600 feet per second that a shotgun slug can travel."

November 17, 2010

"Stage Door" Opens Tomorrow, Revamped

Here is a message from someone involved in the drama department's production of Stage Door:

"This Thursday the Drama Department's Stage Door goes up (at 8pm on the Martel Stage).  The department took this rather fluffy play from 1936 and revamped it with some gender bending to tell a whole new story.  Email boxoffice [at] or tickets."

TIME On Vassar Quidditch

The latest article on last weekend's Quidditch World Cup comes from Time. It also features quotes from two Vassar students. Here's what it says about Vassar:

"Vassar College employs a finesse passing game, seemingly fueled by the power of positive thinking; co-captain Nathan Hoston attributed the team's success to 'communication.'...'It's frustrating that a lot of the teams play really violently,' said Vassar co-captain Molly Cohen. 'The newer teams that are learning from the World Cup what Quidditch is are taught that Quidditch is this angry sport.'"

See more articles here.

Say Goodbye To Four Loko As You Know It

True, we've done a lot of posts lately on Four Loko, the alcoholic energy drink that has taken Vassar and college campuses across the nation by storm, but now it seems that the end is finally here. The drink's parent company, Phusion Projects, announced in a statement last night that the product will no longer contain certain ingredients, including caffeine. The move comes after a year-long FDA investigation, increased criticism in recent weeks, and state-wide bans in five states including New York.

The company announced the decision to remove these ingredients before the FDA presented its findings, which was scheduled for the near future.

"We have repeatedly contended – and still believe, as do many people throughout the country – that the combination of alcohol and caffeine is safe," the statement reads. “We are taking this step after trying – unsuccessfully – to navigate a difficult and politically-charged regulatory environment at both the state and federal levels."

Caffeine is considered the most dangerous aspect of Four Loko because it masks the effects of the alcohol. Guarana and taurine, ingredients found in energy drinks like Red Bull, will also be removed. Versions of the drink will still be available without those ingredients.

On Sunday, in response to the announcement of a New York State-wide ban on sales of the drink, Dean Roellke told Mads, "I am not surprised by the action that New York has taken as it is clear that Four Loko and drinks like them are really dangerous and clearly marketed toward young adults."

College students everywhere have already reacted to the announcements. An image reading "I'm With Loko" in the style of the "I'm With Coco" image is becoming a popular Facebook profile picture, and a blog post on "How to Make Your Own Four Loko Homebrew" has gone viral.

According to an inside source, local Poughkeepsie Four Loko carrier Oasis has been inundated with requests in the last few days from students who want to order large cases of the drink.

This whole ordeal is nothing new. Sparks, which hit the market in 2002 and also combined alcohol, caffeine, guarana, and taurine, was forced to remove certain ingredients in 2008. It remains available without caffeine.

The Deece Cat Finds A Home

It appears that the Deece Cat saga finally has a happy ending. We're told that Diane Dalton, Director of Dining for ACDC, has adopted everyone's favorite stray cat.

November 16, 2010

Quidditch Cup In The News

Vassar's Butterbeer Brooers came in 4th place out of 46 teams at this past weekend's Quidditch World Cup in New York City. It seems that the event has gained more and more press coverage every year, and with over 700 participants, this was the biggest year yet. Here is what the media outlets are saying (via MiddBlog)...

New York Magazine
Techland: "Vassar, who have been playing Quidditch nearly as long as Middlebury, are probably the touchiest-feeliest team in the tournament. Their captains emphasize playing the game 'the right way' and lead a post-game 'family time' where players can talk about what went right and what went wrong in each match. Despite what their reputation may suggest, though, Vassar is also very good, with deceptive speed and a finesse passing game that allows them to go on 40-point runs without anyone exactly realizing. They went 2-1 today, with the loss coming in an odd match against Harvard in which Vassar apparently won too early, felt bad about it, and called for an immediate re-match: the second match began in confusion, which allowed Harvard to snatch the Snitch in about a minute.  Vassar took the high road accepted the result without complaint; the traditional post-game handshakes turned to hugs, which led to everyone singing 'Kumbaya.'"

Yeasayer Plays Middlebury Too

Although the Vassar show is the one that got recognition on New York Magazine's website, Yeasayer performed at Middlebury over the weekend as well. Here is what our friends at Midd-Blog thought of the concert:

"The most pleasant surprise was the band’s engagement with the crowd. They seemed happy and excited to be at Midd... They had the crowd chanting and clapping and the in between song banter was funny and gracious."

But there was one complaints: "Too many people didn’t come to the concert because they had never heard of Yeasayer."

We're still waiting for the Poughkeepsie Journal review to come out.

Finally, someone from Middlebury posted a clip of Ken Seeno, who also opened for Yeasayer at Vassar.

By Word Of Mouth

We hear that the Vassar mention on the Daily Show back in September happened because one graduate ran into Jon Stewart and asked him to name drop the school. In return, the alumnus promised to go to Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity with a group of Vassar alumni.

Update: We spoke to the alumnus and he confirms the story as "totally true." According to the graduate: "My friend and I went to his book signing for Earth and told him that if he mentioned Vassar, we'd go to the Rally to Restore Sanity and also de-friend Stephen Colbert's March to Keep Fear Alive on Facebook/stop following it on Twitter. That got Jon's attention. He's a really nice guy, and made a lot of Vassar fans very happy."

Yeasayer Show In New York Mag Online

Yeasayer's Vassar show is listed in the "This Weekend's Concerts" feature for New York Magazine's Vulture section. The mention also includes a picture by Katie De Heras '13.

November 15, 2010

Spotted: Firetrucks on Collegeview

There are currently lots of firetrucks on Collegeview Ave. No word yet on the cause.

November 14, 2010

International Students Education Week Begins Tomorrow

VISA's International Students Education Week begins tomorrow. The week will include an all-you-can eat food festival, a talent show, a photo contest, and more.

The biggest event will be Kaleidoscope on Wednesday, November 17th. "Kaleidoscope consists of a huge food festival in an all-you-can-eat setup after buying the entrance ticket," one of the event's organizers tells Mads. "It has a talent contest in "The World's Got Talent", where we get many group dances and the like, and a Dessert Cookoff where people can vote for their favorite dessert. The winner will be announced at the end of the event. We will also announce the winner of the International Photo Contest, the entries of which are displayed earlier in the week in ACDC and open for voting. Finally, there will be the Flag Ceremony."

In addition, special international dishes will be served throughout the week at ACDC and the Retreat. There will also be a soccer and ping pong "World Cup" tournament on November 19th from 4-6:30pm in the Walker Field House.

Exclusive: Roellke Responds To Four Loko Ban

Dean Roellke, who has been vocal this semester about finding a way to curb the increase in drinking on campus, spoke exclusively to Mads about yesterday's decision to ban the sale of Four Loko in New York State. Here is what the dean had to say:

"I am not surprised by the action that New York has taken as it is clear that Four Loko and drinks like them are really dangerous and clearly marketed toward young adults.

"I am also pleased that our own community recognized early on that these concoctions are dangerous.   I also want to applaud the educational efforts of Dean of the College administrators, faculty and students themselves in generating awareness--I believe these efforts have contributed to the safer, more responsible decision-making we have observed over the last several weeks.  I hope this positive trend continues and look forward to continuing our work with students to provide safe and fun social activities on campus that are alcohol free."

Quidditch World Cup Round-Up

The fourth annual Quidditch World Cup took place in New York City yesterday.

Here is the opening parade. The Butterbeer Brooers appear at 4:52.

Update:  At the end of the tournament on Sunday night, Vassar placed 4th out of 46 teams. According to the official Quidditch World Cup Twitter account, "Pitt beat Vassar in one of the best games in Quiddtich history. Vassar must be commended for theatrical play and fantastic sportsmanship!" 

Update #2: Vassar Quidditch tweets: "Thanks to the crowd for their support in our antics, spells, and general tomfoolery - it was fun!"

It's Official: NY Bans Sale Of Four Loko

Vassar administration can finally breathe a sign of relief: as we tweeted last night, authorities announced yesterday that stores in New York State can no longer sell the alcoholic energy drink Four Loko after December 10th. Further, the drink cannot be shipped to stores after November 19th (this upcoming Friday).

New York is the fifth state to ban Four Loko, following Washington, Oklahoma, Utah, and Michigan earlier this month.

In an open letter on their website, Phusion Projects, the parent company of Four Loko, writes, "While we don’t agree with the notion that mixing caffeine and alcohol is inherently unsafe, we do agree with the goal of keeping adults of legal age who choose to drink responsibly as safe and as informed as possible." Phusion also has posted several articles on why bans are ineffective.

Does this mean that the drinking culture at Vassar, which has been particularly problematic this semester, will change? According to insiders, Four Loko was involved for all of this semester's unconscious hospitalizations. Meanwhile, as we previously posted, Dean Roellke and the Committee for College Life is trying to make a late-night alcohol-free student space, which will probably open next semester.

Correction: We've been receiving lots of conflicting statistics from various student leaders who claim to be in the know. One student involved with EMS - who is probably the most reliable source yet - tells us that "although we have had a few calls where our patients were drinking Four Loko, this is certainly not true of every patient, much less every unconscious patient." The student continues, "Things like shots of hard liquor and jungle juice tend to be responsible for the most calls."

November 13, 2010

PSA: Campus Activities Wants Its Stuff Back

We've been asked to share a brief public service announcement: Last night someone stole one of the red water coolers from the back of the Chapel. If you took it, please return it to Campus Activities. Every all-campus event has to have water and so the cooler is necessary for these events. Plus, ViCE shouldn't have to pay for it after an already expensive night. Thanks.

Exclusive: What Does Yeasayer Eat Before The Show?

Whether Yeasayer is playing a huge festival like Bonnarroo or to a crowd of 700 in the Vassar chapel, one thing remains the same: what the band wants before the show. Mads got an exclusive look inside Yeasayer's green room and you'd be surprised at what they asked for.

 Most of the spread Yeasayer requested was pretty standard - Coca Cola, veggie platter, assorted cheese. Other items, however, were less so:

1. Two rotisserie chickens 
2. Socks
3. Local newspaper
4. Six Kombuchas
5. Dried meats (no Slim Jims)

This Is What Happens When Yeasayer Performs

When architects constructed the Vassar Chapel in 1904, they probably didn't have in mind the powerful sound systems of performers like French Horn Rebellion, Dominique Young Unique, and Yeasayer. Here are pictures from directly below the stage where the noise was so powerful that it peeled the paint off the walls.

Your Full Yeasayer Round-Up

People began lining up for last night's Yeasayer concert, which was the biggest concert of the semester, at around 7pm last night. ViCE let people in at 7:45 and everyone filled up the front ten rows of the chapel. There was a slow stream of people entering during the first opener, Ken Seeno, who played looped instrumental music, after which the concert goers applauded politely.

By the end of Seeno's set, the venue had filled up significantly. The lights went down and after a longer-than-necessary break, French Horn Rebellion said something along the lines of, "Are you guys ready to dance?" People jumped out of their seats and within minutes had filled the front section between the stage and the pews. Others stood on the seats in the pews. The members of FHR were excited to open for Yeasayer, "Heading up to Vassar to play drums with @frenchhornrebel. Opening for Yeasayer!" tweeted Savoir Adore.

FHR's set wasn't without drama. Around their third song, one of the band members attempted to stage dive into the crowd, but went down immediately. He was fine, but had hurt one unlucky female junior, who then had a difficult time navigating her way out of the crowd. More drama came towards the end of the set when a keyboard broke. FHR acknowledged the mishaps, but still had a great time. "Tried crowd surfing but got dropped... keyboard broke, but Vassar, it was still AMAZING:)" the group tweeted.

18-year-old rapper Dominique Young Unique arrived from her hotel just as FHR was leaving the stage. Her DJ wasn't able to make it, so she had to use backing tracks played off of an iPod, which may have contributed to the poor sound quality. Regardless of the beats, Dominique got the crowd going. "omg dominique young unique is killingggg it" tweeted one Vassar senior. Another concert goer, however, was less than impressed, tweeting, "God knows why they put a terrible female rapper on before Yeasayer. That bitch was a diet Queen Pen. UGH. Vassar kids have bad taste. #Fail."

Thirty minutes after Dominique finished, Yeasayer took the stage. 

The crowd in front appeared to consist of more die-hard fans than at previous chapel shows like Beirut and Grizzly Bear. People were singing along and genuinely enthused when each song began.
The group finished their with their most popular song, Ambling Alp, and then retreated backstage where they talked about the sound quality - two of them said it was terrible, one of them said it was good - and decided on how many songs to do for their encore. They returned moments later and closed with an additional song.

"Last minute decision to go to Yeasayer was a good one. STICK UP FOR YOURSELF, SON," a concert goer tweeted, quoting "Ambling Alp."

Watch The World Cup Live

Get your live feed of today's Quidditch World Cup here.

Harvest Ball Tonight

Here is a message from one of the organizer's of tonight's Harvest Ball:

"Josselyn House, Cushing House, and the Ballroom Dancing Club cordially invite you to attend the Vassquerade Harvest Ball!  This delightful evening will take place in UpC on November 13th from 10pm to 1am and will feature live music and a midnight ballroom dance performance. It is surely an event that is not to be missed, so grab a mask and tell your friends -- we'll see you there!"

This Weekend On Campus...Ambling Alp Edition

The Yeasayer concert, which will be the biggest show of the semester, dominates this weekend's list of events. Here is everything worth checking out. Email madsvassar [at] for publicity.

Yeasayer ft. Ken Seeno, French Horn Rebellion, Dominique Young Unique, 7pm (doors) Chapel
Act Out! presents "We All Will Be Received," 7pm UpC
CBS Mug Night, 10pm Mug

Poder Latina/Latin Mug Night, 10pm Mug
Harvest Ball, 10pm UpC

November 11, 2010

Hathaway In The News

We hadn't heard from Vassar's famous almost-alumna Anne Hathaway in a while, but she's featured in today's New York Times for attending a benefit dinner. Read the whole article or skip to the bottom for a brief Vassar reference.

ACT OUT! And VCPUNX Present...

Act Out! and VCPunx will be hosting a two-weekend series on radical sexuality and positivity. Here is a message from an organizer of the event:

"VCPUNX with ACTOUT! is bringing a panel called "Fuckin' (A): Radical Sex!" Fuckin' (A) is a NYC-based political collective that exists to promote, support and facilitate radical sex positivity as a crucial aspect of liberating ourselves and our communities! It will be held in the College Center MPR, 1-3:30 PM, Saturday, November 13.
"What they say about themselves:
'At Fuckin' (A), we believe that radical sex positivity is a crucial step towards the revolution -- and when we include rad sex in our politics, we'll have a lot of fun working to get there! In this workshop, we'll lead a conversation about tools that are important for radicals of all genders, sexes and sexualities to have in their sexy toolkit: communication, good consent practices, safer sex, maps to the tasty bits, and techniques for turning them on!'

"The following Friday, November 19, we will be screening Hail the New Puritan, a 1987 film by Charles Atlas about British punk dance celebrity, Michael Clark. The screening will take place in Rocky 300 from 7-9PM.
"From Electronic Arts Intermix:
'Exhuberant and witty, Hail the New Puritan is a simulated day-in-the-life "docufantasy" starring the British dance celebrity Michael Clark. Atlas' fictive portrait of the charismatic choreographer serves as a vivid invocation of the studied decadence of the 1980s post-punk London subculture. Contriving a faux cinema-verite format in which to stage his stylized fiction, Atlas seamlessly integrates Clark's extraordinary dance performances into the docu-narrative flow. Focusing on Clark's flamboyantly postured eroticism and the artifice of his provocative balletic performances, Atlas posits the dance as a physical manifestation of Clark's psychology. From the surreal opening dream sequence to the final solo dance, Clark's milieu of fashion, clubs and music signifies for Atlas "a time capsule of a certain period and context in London that's now gone."'"

What We're Watching: Smokestack Issues

Good thing they didn't try this method to reduce Vassar's smokestack.

November 10, 2010

Quidditch World Cup This Weekend

Vassar's Butterbeer Brewers just sent us the their schedule for this weekend's Quidditch World Cup. The event is being held for the first time in New York City, so this is a good year to attend!

Saturday, November 13th:
-9:00 am Opening Parade
-12:30 pm vs University of Richmond, Field 4
-2:30 pm vs Harvard University Horntails, Field 3
-7:30 pm vs America’s Finest Quidditch Club, Field 2
-8:30 pm Harry and the Potters Free Concert

The team's Sunday schedule depends on how they do on Saturday.

Click here for more info about the event.

Did ViCE Forget To Proof Read?

A reader points out that the day and time printed on the Yeasayer tickets is wrong. The show is Friday the 12th, but the tickets say Saturday. Plus, the doors open at 7pm, not 8. We spoke to a rep for ViCE who says that the misprint is the fault of the ticket printing company.

Another HuffPo List: Most Beautiful Library
Vassar made it on to the Huffington Post's list for Best of College A Cappella the other day, and now we're on a new list for Most Beautiful College Library. The Thompson Memorial Library comes in at number 9 out of 11 others, including the libraries for Princeton, Columbia, and Boston College.

This isn't the first time that our library has received wide recognition for its beauty. A few years ago we were listed on a list of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

November 7, 2010

Huffington Post Praises AirCappella

[via AAVC]
The Huffington Post has named Vassar's AirCappella in its "Best of College A Cappella" list. The group comes in at number 7 out of 14 and their video for Paul Simon's "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" is featured on the site.

This isn't the first time that AirCappella has received national media attention. In March 2009 the group made it to the second round of auditions for America's Got Talent.

A Message From ACT OUT

Here is a message from ACT OUT! about their upcoming "Queer Soup" event.

"ACT OUT!, in collaboration with Idlewild, FWA and Campus Life LGBTQ Programs, is bringing Queer Soup to Vassar! Queer Soup is a queer theater organization and will be doing their show called 'We All Will Be Received' as well as facilitating a discussion after the show."

Here is a description of the show from Jessica Flaherty, Director of Programs, The Boston Alliance of GLBT Youth:

"In 'We All Will Be Received' Queer Soup expertly weaves together three unique stories about coming to know and understand ones sex and gender as defiantly, differently, deliberately queer. The splendor of outrageously performed gender found at Graceland and Dollywood provides the perfect back drop for Malvis, Frankie Cocktail and Kathy to each explore, inhabit and perform gender. This important theater piece resonates with me and perhaps with so many of us because it tells the repeatedly omitted story of queerly gendered identities, and expressions there of, that are never easily come by."

The show is on November 12th at 7:00pm in UpC and will feature an opening act by Indecent Exposure.

Today...Mads Vassar Presents Jason Anderson

Today is our second ever "Mads Vassar Presents" event! Singer-songwriter Jason Anderson, who performed at Vassar in 2008, will be returning to campus and Brian Chaudhry will be opening. Co-sponsored by Main House.

Today, 2pm Sunset Hill. More info here.

November 6, 2010

Wesleyan Has A Fake Twitter Problem Too

Remember during the summer when someone made fake Twitter accounts for Cappy, Dean Roellke, and other administrators? And then Vassar got mad and had the accounts suspended? Well apparently Wesleyan's president has a fake account too, but even with tweets like "damn it feels good to be a gangstaaaaaaaaaa," the account is still up and running. (via Wesleying)

Update: Turns out the president of Columbia has a fake one too, with almost 1,000 followers. (Thanks One Two Six Oh Four)

What To Expect At The Yes! Party

Jessica Young '12, one of the organizer's of tonight's Yes! party, spoke exclusively with Mads about what students can expect at tonight's event.

"I'm sure everyone knows that the basic idea of Yes! is to say yes to representation and expressing their sexualities," Jessica says. "The room will be filled with go-go dancers, free Martinelli's in VIP rooms, fabulous people, and of course, glitter. But we're also expecting our party goers to say yes to being fabulous and crazy, and to help this party push the boundaries of what we're allowed to do."

"Remember that this is not a classy event, but a fabulous one," she adds.

We also spoke with one half of DJ Sharkattackz, who will be DJing the event later in the night, about what to expect. "A lot of new remix material and a lot, A LOT, of gay anthems," the DJ says. "Think Kylie, Madonna, and Katy." There will also be a wide variety of music, "everything from hip hop to electronic."

November 5, 2010

New Quidditch Cup Promo Video

The International Quidditch Association released a new promo video for next week's Quidditch World Cup. The video shows Middlebury Quidditch players running through Grand Central Station trying to catch the Golden Snitch. (Grand Central sure has seen a lot of wizards lately.)

(via MiddBlog)

In other news, the IQA tweeted this morning that registration for the event has closed, with 745 players and 45 teams signed up.

Meryl and Lisa Teaming Up (The Video)

A few days ago we mentioned that two of Vassar's trustees and noted alumnae, Meryl Streep '71 and Lisa Kudrow '85, were teaming up for Kudrow's webseries, Web Therapy. Now, there's a clip of one of Meryl's cameos.

The blog Deadline Hollywood says that "the guest stint stems from a chance encounter between Streep and Kudrow at an event, in which Streep mentioned that she found Web Therapy funny." Could that have been a Vassar trustee event? Or Commencement?

State Of Michigan Bans Four Loko

[via Flickr]
In today's Four Loko news post, the state of Michigan has banned the product. According to the Chicago Tribune, "the commission's decision followed recent reports of students in Washington and New Jersey being hospitalized after drinking Four Loko. Manufacturers will have 30 days to pull the banned products."

The company behind the drink has released a statement in response to the ban, stating that the government "did not give parties who will be affected by the ban any opportunity to be heard on whether the ban is warranted or authorized by law." The company also says that they plan to "pursue all legal options and vigorously challenge the Commission’s action as procedurally and substantively deficient well before the ban would go into effect."

Michigan is the first state to ban the drink, although Ramapo College and Washington State University have already done so.

Despite the popularity of the drink at Vassar, as well as the increase in alcohol-related hospitalizations this semester, the number of EMS calls during last weekend's Halloween party was actually down 25% from last year.

This Weekend On Campus

Here is our weekly list of everything worth checking out. Email madsvassar [at] gmail [dot] com for publicity.

Autumn Leaves Show, 7pm Rose Parlor
Middle School Mug Night, 10pm Mug
Rocky Horror, Midnight Sanders

Women's Rugby Regional Playoffs, 1pm Vassar Farm
Winterpills, 8pm Lathrop MPR (See description below)
YES Party, 10pm UpC
Rocky Horror, Midnight Sanders

Mads Vassar Presents Jason Anderson, 2pm Sunset Hill. Check out our second "Mads Presents" event with the return of singer-songwriter Jason Anderson, who last performed on campus in 2008. Also featuring Brian Chaudhry. Co-sponsored by Main House.

From the organizer of the Winterpills show:
"Ferry House is collaborating with ViCE and Lathrop to bring Winterpills this Saturday, November 6. Winterpills is a five-piece indie folk/rock band with gorgeous female/male harmonies. The show is happening in the Lathrop MPR, and it starts at 8 pm. There will be one student opener TBA. The MPR will be covered in biodegradable fake snow and Christmas lights. It's going to be an awesome show. Here is their website (, I recommend listening to Broken Arm, June Eyes, Pills for Sara, Weary Heart...They stream all their albums on their website. If you want to listen a whole album, listen to 'Central Chambers'."