November 11, 2010

ACT OUT! And VCPUNX Present...

Act Out! and VCPunx will be hosting a two-weekend series on radical sexuality and positivity. Here is a message from an organizer of the event:

"VCPUNX with ACTOUT! is bringing a panel called "Fuckin' (A): Radical Sex!" Fuckin' (A) is a NYC-based political collective that exists to promote, support and facilitate radical sex positivity as a crucial aspect of liberating ourselves and our communities! It will be held in the College Center MPR, 1-3:30 PM, Saturday, November 13.
"What they say about themselves:
'At Fuckin' (A), we believe that radical sex positivity is a crucial step towards the revolution -- and when we include rad sex in our politics, we'll have a lot of fun working to get there! In this workshop, we'll lead a conversation about tools that are important for radicals of all genders, sexes and sexualities to have in their sexy toolkit: communication, good consent practices, safer sex, maps to the tasty bits, and techniques for turning them on!'

"The following Friday, November 19, we will be screening Hail the New Puritan, a 1987 film by Charles Atlas about British punk dance celebrity, Michael Clark. The screening will take place in Rocky 300 from 7-9PM.
"From Electronic Arts Intermix:
'Exhuberant and witty, Hail the New Puritan is a simulated day-in-the-life "docufantasy" starring the British dance celebrity Michael Clark. Atlas' fictive portrait of the charismatic choreographer serves as a vivid invocation of the studied decadence of the 1980s post-punk London subculture. Contriving a faux cinema-verite format in which to stage his stylized fiction, Atlas seamlessly integrates Clark's extraordinary dance performances into the docu-narrative flow. Focusing on Clark's flamboyantly postured eroticism and the artifice of his provocative balletic performances, Atlas posits the dance as a physical manifestation of Clark's psychology. From the surreal opening dream sequence to the final solo dance, Clark's milieu of fashion, clubs and music signifies for Atlas "a time capsule of a certain period and context in London that's now gone."'"