November 18, 2010

Annual Hunting Advisory Email Is Scarier This Year

At the start of every hunting season Director of Safety and Security Don Marsala entertains the student body with his humorous all-campus emails. ("Hunters with beards, attitudes, and weaponry may be roaming through the woods. Leaving the antlered backpack at home and going easy on the Parfum de Bambi is highly recommended," he wrote in 2007.) This year however, which is the first hunting season since the controversial deer culling last winter, the email takes on a more dramatic tone.

"Poachers are not sportsmen and I fear that some may be lying in wait with slugs chambered and arrows nocked willing to shoot at any sound or movement that they think might be a deer," he writes. "I urge you to avoid our woodlands during the hunting season unless you can move faster than the 1600 feet per second that a shotgun slug can travel."