November 24, 2010

Campus Advisor Interrupts Thanksgiving Reverly

While students were busy packing and heading home this morning, Don Marsala sent out a campus advisory for an incident that took place yesterday morning. His description - and the incident - is the most graphic in recent memory:

"A female student was accosted between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM yesterday morning in a computer cluster in one of our residential houses. The student was in the cluster when a male entered the room and began to fondle her. He blocked her exit, preventing her from leaving and then began to masturbate. The female student was able to exit the room and contacted a fellow student. A Vassar Administrator was contacted and an investigation commenced immediately."

No word on which dorm this happened in. Security describes the suspect as "5'10" tall, student aged with no facial hair."

Stay safe, Vassar!


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