November 30, 2010

Cappy Unveils Sesqui Site

Although we leaked a preview of the new Sesquicentennial website last week, Cappy sent out an email for the site's official launch today. "As we anticipate the upcoming year-long sesquicentennial celebration, I invite you to visit our new 150th anniversary website," she wrote in an all-campus email this afternoon. "There you can enjoy hundreds of photographs and other rich content about the college’s history, note upcoming sesquicentennial events on and off campus, and perhaps most important, add your own Vassar story to the living history being developed online."

Check out the new website here, which features photographs from Vassar's 150 years, as well as a list of Sesquicentennial events and a "memories" section.

You can also look forward to lots of sesquicentennial-themed posts from Mads in the coming months.


Carlos Ignacio said...

Creating a Sesqui 'tag'/'category' thing for the posts would perhaps be really useful to group them all!

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