November 1, 2010

Exclusive: MICA To Revive Old Publication

The Moderate Independent Conservative Alliance (MICA) announced at last night's VSA Council meeting that they will be reviving an old campus publication, The Chronicle, in the near future. Mads has the exclusive press release from the organization, which appear below.

MICA's new Chronicle revives a campus newsweekly published from 1944 to 1959. The news of its revival is somewhat controversial because MICA's previous publication, the Imperialist, led to the de-authorization of the organization in 2005 following allegations of racism.

Just over one year ago, we posted a "by word of mouth" leak that MICA would be starting a publication. At the time, representatives for the organization denied the rumor, saying, "Due to our success in representing conservative and independent viewpoints in the Opinion pages of The Miscellany, we believe any additional publication from MICA would be superfluous." It is not clear whether we leaked the story a year in advance, or if the revival of the Chronicle is a new idea.

(Update: A rep for the MICA tells us that it was the leak on our blog that actually got the ball rolling on the new publication, which had been in discussion for some time: "The tremendous amount of discussion and support we heard that was sparked by Mads' "leaked" post in Oct. 2009, combined with the recent CIE report (prime among many other factors), really spurred us to begin development of the Chronicle, a project with a year's worth of groundwork underneath it.")

Here is the official press release:

"The Moderate, Independent, and Conservative Alliance (M.I.C.A.) is pleased to announce VSA approval and funding for the pilot issue of its new (yet old) publication: The Vassar Chronicle.

"Revivifying the campus’s 1944-1959 alternative newsweekly, the 2010 Chronicle will publish fresh, intellectual perspectives suitable for Vassar College on a monthly basis, beginning in early December. Unlike the 1944 Chronicle, we are not competing directly with The Miscellany News; rather, we wish to birth something entirely different, a journal of thought which will focus on opinion rather than news or sports, with sustained academic discourse on subjects such as economics, local, domestic, and international politics, foreign policy, campus issues, and Vassar culture.

"M.I.C.A.'s mission is to 'expand the breadth of Vassar's political dialogue.' We have Democratic members, Republican members, and non-partisan members. Many Vassarions, including those in official capacities, are concerned that there is an illiberal atmosphere on our campus which stifles viewpoints and ideas outside of the Vassar mainstream; as the recent report by the Committee on Inclusion and Excellence crystallized, these views tend to be implicitly or explicitly silenced. We want to provide a forum, much like that which M.I.C.A. provides at our weekly meetings, where Vassarions can pen unconventional pieces that challenge Vassar’s norms of thinking.

"The goal of the Chronicle is to raise the standard of journalism and political thought on campus. Thus, we are seeking moderate Democrats, independent thinkers, and conservatives to contribute pieces to our first issue. M.I.C.A.’s mission is to broaden and deepen the political discourse of the college, and so those who do not feel included in M.I.C.A.’s large umbrella are welcome to write letters to the editor expressing their thoughts about the columns and features that we publish.

"Finally, it is of supreme importance to M.I.C.A. that we move well beyond the stigma of the 2004-05–era Imperialist, and that right-of-center thought—broadly defined—transcends the bromides and irrational politics of fear that characterize the Tea Party, as well as ugly forms of discourse some “conservative” discourse has taken lately. We are looking for writers to put considered and mannered thought behind their writing; rather than appeals to emotion or fear, we are looking for solid intellectual arguments that can spark meaningful discourse across Vassar’s community, from students, alumni, professors, administrators, and employees.

"The Chronicle is spearheaded by Editor-in-Chief is Steve Keller ’11 (Democrat) and Senior Editors Jeremy Bright ’11 (Conservative) and Matt Brock ’11 (Moderate)."


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Evander said...

We all can only hope that MICA's new journal meets the fine, fine standards set by their last journalism catastrophe:

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