November 14, 2010

Exclusive: Roellke Responds To Four Loko Ban

Dean Roellke, who has been vocal this semester about finding a way to curb the increase in drinking on campus, spoke exclusively to Mads about yesterday's decision to ban the sale of Four Loko in New York State. Here is what the dean had to say:

"I am not surprised by the action that New York has taken as it is clear that Four Loko and drinks like them are really dangerous and clearly marketed toward young adults.

"I am also pleased that our own community recognized early on that these concoctions are dangerous.   I also want to applaud the educational efforts of Dean of the College administrators, faculty and students themselves in generating awareness--I believe these efforts have contributed to the safer, more responsible decision-making we have observed over the last several weeks.  I hope this positive trend continues and look forward to continuing our work with students to provide safe and fun social activities on campus that are alcohol free."