November 14, 2010

International Students Education Week Begins Tomorrow

VISA's International Students Education Week begins tomorrow. The week will include an all-you-can eat food festival, a talent show, a photo contest, and more.

The biggest event will be Kaleidoscope on Wednesday, November 17th. "Kaleidoscope consists of a huge food festival in an all-you-can-eat setup after buying the entrance ticket," one of the event's organizers tells Mads. "It has a talent contest in "The World's Got Talent", where we get many group dances and the like, and a Dessert Cookoff where people can vote for their favorite dessert. The winner will be announced at the end of the event. We will also announce the winner of the International Photo Contest, the entries of which are displayed earlier in the week in ACDC and open for voting. Finally, there will be the Flag Ceremony."

In addition, special international dishes will be served throughout the week at ACDC and the Retreat. There will also be a soccer and ping pong "World Cup" tournament on November 19th from 4-6:30pm in the Walker Field House.