November 7, 2010

A Message From ACT OUT

Here is a message from ACT OUT! about their upcoming "Queer Soup" event.

"ACT OUT!, in collaboration with Idlewild, FWA and Campus Life LGBTQ Programs, is bringing Queer Soup to Vassar! Queer Soup is a queer theater organization and will be doing their show called 'We All Will Be Received' as well as facilitating a discussion after the show."

Here is a description of the show from Jessica Flaherty, Director of Programs, The Boston Alliance of GLBT Youth:

"In 'We All Will Be Received' Queer Soup expertly weaves together three unique stories about coming to know and understand ones sex and gender as defiantly, differently, deliberately queer. The splendor of outrageously performed gender found at Graceland and Dollywood provides the perfect back drop for Malvis, Frankie Cocktail and Kathy to each explore, inhabit and perform gender. This important theater piece resonates with me and perhaps with so many of us because it tells the repeatedly omitted story of queerly gendered identities, and expressions there of, that are never easily come by."

The show is on November 12th at 7:00pm in UpC and will feature an opening act by Indecent Exposure.