November 16, 2010

Quidditch Cup In The News

Vassar's Butterbeer Brooers came in 4th place out of 46 teams at this past weekend's Quidditch World Cup in New York City. It seems that the event has gained more and more press coverage every year, and with over 700 participants, this was the biggest year yet. Here is what the media outlets are saying (via MiddBlog)...

New York Magazine
Techland: "Vassar, who have been playing Quidditch nearly as long as Middlebury, are probably the touchiest-feeliest team in the tournament. Their captains emphasize playing the game 'the right way' and lead a post-game 'family time' where players can talk about what went right and what went wrong in each match. Despite what their reputation may suggest, though, Vassar is also very good, with deceptive speed and a finesse passing game that allows them to go on 40-point runs without anyone exactly realizing. They went 2-1 today, with the loss coming in an odd match against Harvard in which Vassar apparently won too early, felt bad about it, and called for an immediate re-match: the second match began in confusion, which allowed Harvard to snatch the Snitch in about a minute.  Vassar took the high road accepted the result without complaint; the traditional post-game handshakes turned to hugs, which led to everyone singing 'Kumbaya.'"