November 23, 2010

Sesquicentennial Site Is Up Early (Updated)

Update #3: Here is another preview image.

Update #2: One of the creators of the site tells us it is set to launch on November 30th with an email from Cappy. "The Office of Communications was just testing it today, but keep a look out for it again after break," the student says.

 Update: As we had anticipated, the sesquicentennial website is now only available to site administrators. Read below for a preview of the site.

The website celebrating Vassar's sesquicentennial isn't supposed to be online until after Thanksgiving break, but it appears to be accessible already.

The homepage features an interactive display of photographs spanning Vassar's history, such as students in a dorm room from the 1890s to a Cog Sci class from 2009. There is also a "Memories" section, which invites readers to send in their own memories (most so far are from the Class of 2010) and sections for "Histories," "Timeline," and "Events," which lists the sesquicentennial activities at Vassar and around the world.

And the event's organizers weren't exaggerating when they said this would be an international celebration. According to the website, events are planned for London and Athens, Greece, as well as in eight states and even more cities.


Seth said...

Poo... They just put a block up asking for login information. :-/

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