November 5, 2010

State Of Michigan Bans Four Loko

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In today's Four Loko news post, the state of Michigan has banned the product. According to the Chicago Tribune, "the commission's decision followed recent reports of students in Washington and New Jersey being hospitalized after drinking Four Loko. Manufacturers will have 30 days to pull the banned products."

The company behind the drink has released a statement in response to the ban, stating that the government "did not give parties who will be affected by the ban any opportunity to be heard on whether the ban is warranted or authorized by law." The company also says that they plan to "pursue all legal options and vigorously challenge the Commission’s action as procedurally and substantively deficient well before the ban would go into effect."

Michigan is the first state to ban the drink, although Ramapo College and Washington State University have already done so.

Despite the popularity of the drink at Vassar, as well as the increase in alcohol-related hospitalizations this semester, the number of EMS calls during last weekend's Halloween party was actually down 25% from last year.

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