November 27, 2010

Student Featured On SNL's "Weekend Update"

Matthew Zeltzer '13 was featured in an image on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" last weekend for a segment on the Quidditch World Cup. That same photo happens to be Zeltzer's Facebook profile picture.

The photo, which is licensed by the Associated Press, was also featured on a Washington D.C. radio station's website. Thanks to a reader for the screencap.

Update: We spoke to Zeltzer about his reaction to the popularity of the photo. "The photographer came up to me afterwards to let me know that she had taken the photo, so I was prepared for its use by news organizations," he says. "I've seen it used on news organizations' websites from Boston to San Francisco to India to New Zealand. Because of this, I was not overly surprised that SNL used my photo."

So how did he react to his face being on Saturday Night Live? "I found out when a friend of mine posted it on my Facebook wall that night. I think that my reaction was mainly of laughter. I still think it is a bit funny that they chose that photo to represent the entire World Cup, when there were other great photos taken that weekend."


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