November 6, 2010

What To Expect At The Yes! Party

Jessica Young '12, one of the organizer's of tonight's Yes! party, spoke exclusively with Mads about what students can expect at tonight's event.

"I'm sure everyone knows that the basic idea of Yes! is to say yes to representation and expressing their sexualities," Jessica says. "The room will be filled with go-go dancers, free Martinelli's in VIP rooms, fabulous people, and of course, glitter. But we're also expecting our party goers to say yes to being fabulous and crazy, and to help this party push the boundaries of what we're allowed to do."

"Remember that this is not a classy event, but a fabulous one," she adds.

We also spoke with one half of DJ Sharkattackz, who will be DJing the event later in the night, about what to expect. "A lot of new remix material and a lot, A LOT, of gay anthems," the DJ says. "Think Kylie, Madonna, and Katy." There will also be a wide variety of music, "everything from hip hop to electronic."


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